Teen Titans Go! - "Mr. Butt" Clip

Starfire's [evil] sister, Blackfire, visits Titans Tower but the team's not happy to see her.

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Teen Titans Go! - "Mr. Butt" Clip and Images

Starfire's sister, Blackfire, wants to pay a friendly visit. Has she really given up her evil ways?

There's another all-new episode of Teen Titans Go! headed your way. On Thursday, June 12, at 6:00/5:00 CST, "Mr. Butt" premieres on Cartoon Network.

Blackfire pays a surprise visit to her sister Starfire, saying she wants to spend some quality time with her. The other Titans think that Blackfire is playing another trick, but Starfire is sure that this time Blackfire is serious about reviving their sisterly love.

There's a video clip at the top of the page.

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