Teen Titans Go! - "Knowledge" Clip

Raven drops a little knowledge on Starfire.

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Teen Titans Go! - "Knowledge" Clip and Images

Starfire wants to understand human culture and fit in. How do you think it's going to go?

You can catch an all-new episode of Teen Titans Go! on Thursday, August 20, on Cartoon Network at 6:00/5:00 C. This week "Knowledge" premieres.

Starfire is tired of not fitting in with the other Titans, and asks Raven to help her to learn more about human culture. Raven casts a spell to give Starfire all of human knowledge, which turns Starfire into the total bummer.

Check out the clip at the top of the page, if you haven't already. Here's some more images from the episode, courtesy of Warner Bros. Television.

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Avatar image for gothamred
Posted By GothamRed

Now Raven will teach us the preamble of the u.s. constitution.

Avatar image for sora_thekey
Posted By sora_thekey

No. No. NO!

Schoolhouse Rock Raven?! That should´ve been Beast Boy or Cyborg... Even Robin would do something like this before Raven!

I don't mind the jokes or the song.. It's just weird that it's RAVEN! (Sorry, tantrum over.)

Avatar image for jv
Posted By JV

What people fail to realize is that DC is looking to gain the younger audience, they are not doing any fan service here. There are plenty of adult animation movies and shows from DC. They need to gain the long term audience. My kids love this show and I love watching it with them. That is why it was disappointing when they cancelled the Green Lantern cartoon as well, if you want to grow as a company and you want to take market share away from your competition (no matter what industry), then you have to appeal to all spectrum's.

Avatar image for captainmarvel4ever
Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

Sigh.... such a damn shame

Avatar image for cobramorph

Hopefully Star learns to appreciate that she was born with her slutty Hotness, because anybody can learn & become smart. But she'll legally only be hot from the age of 18-25.

Avatar image for black_wreath
Posted By black_wreath

I love how fans of the original series hate this show for not being true to its source ("their" series) when the original series was much less true to its source (the NTT comics) lol.

I like the show, it doesn't pretend to be anything its not, it's just entertaining.

Avatar image for weaponxhowlett
Posted By WeaponXHowlett

I love this show.

Avatar image for iamthecrowning
Posted By IAmTheCrowning

Yea this show is great, takes all the comedy elements from the orginal TT run, amps them up and runs with them.

People only dislike it cause it's not the og animated series....well it's not supposed to be.Would I take that over this? In a heartbeat I would, but this show is by no means bad.

Avatar image for redwingx
Posted By redwingx

I love this show.

Avatar image for spitfirepanda
Posted By SpitfirePanda

This show is really strange, but it's great. There's so much strange detail and weirdness in the jokes, but it somehow fits. The fact that Raven is a pony fan helped endear me to the show, too :)

Avatar image for teerack
Posted By Teerack

This show is so amazing.

Avatar image for sentryman555
Posted By sentryman555

@g_man: That's good to know that you at least showed your daughter. Those videos actually helped me learn conjunctions as a kid haha

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

@sentryman555: My daughter has seen them but only because I showed her when it was released on DVD.

Avatar image for sentryman555
Posted By sentryman555

Do they still show schoolhouse rock to kids? Would kids even get this joke?

Avatar image for judasnixon
Posted By judasnixon

I love all the Dan Hipp art.........

Avatar image for ostyo
Edited By Ostyo

If it was the comic Starfire...ends with sex.