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TEEN TITANS #4 Lays Out the Future of the Team

With the team finally together, we get to see who will get along with who and which members are ready to tear each other's heads off.

It's been four months since DC launched 'The New 52.' Some things have stayed the same and others have seen some pretty drastic changes. We've been seeing images of the 'new' Teen Titans for a while now but they haven't been officially together...until now.

This isn't the Teen Titans you know from before. Their reason for being together is starting out of necessity. Metahuman teens are being hunted by a mysterious organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and we've seen them almost get the upper hand on even Tim Drake in the first issue. Superboy started out as a project run by the organization and in his own title, he has decided to work for them, not having any place else to go and not fully understanding the world.

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With last week's TEEN TITANS #4, the gathered teens made a decision. When Superboy managed to track down Wonder Girl and the fight was broadcast on the news, a new incarnation of the Teen Titans was born. This issue also gives us a great idea what the team dynamic will be like in the coming issues. Be sure to check out the fun-filled issue (reviewed here) and be aware that there will be some spoilers below.

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You have to have some drama in order to spice things up. Not everyone gets along or likes each other. That's how real life is. People often have to work together even if they don't like each other. And that's what we're seeing here.

Superboy and Wonder Girl

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Previously, these two seemed meant for each other. It was young love between the two members. When Superboy died, Cassie was hit hard.

When Conner managed to come back (because we're talking comic books here), they rekindled their relationship. Unfortunately they started drifted apart.

Now that things have a soft reset, is there a future for these two? The fact that Superboy is hunting her down for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. isn't going to win him any points with her. He is new to the world in general but does make note how attractive she is. He even tries asking if she'd be willing to work with him in N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

As before, there's also Cassie and Tim to consider. If you've been reading the first few issues carefully, you can see there seems to be something almost brewing there beneath the surface. Superboy is supposed to eventually join the team. Are we going to see a love triangle develop?


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With a name like Skitter and the ability to turn into a bug-like creature, it's no wonder she's going to be the angry one on the team. You can't blame her. It's so much that she's angry, you could also say she's rather upset. Each time she sleeps and a cocoon is formed around her, she feels she loses a little more of her humanity. It's possible, if she can't get a better grip on her powers, she could get stuck in her other form.

Skitter is a great example that not all superpowered characters are thrilled to have powers. They don't always lead to a great and perfect life. Hopefully with Tim in control of the team, if Skitter sticks around, they'll figure out some way to help her control her powers better.

Bunker and Solstice

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The entire team won't be filled with doom and gloom. We've already seen Miguel as happy with life as can be. Reading his happiness is almost infectious. He has completely accepted his fate and can't help but try to spread the cheer with others. He also tends to talk a lot when nervous so you know he's going to be getting the the nerves of some of his teammates.

Solstice is another who has completely accepted what life throws at her. While in N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s custody, they experimented on her but she is okay with everything and feels everything happens for a reason. We should soon be getting some happiness overload when these two are together and that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Red Robin

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Tim is trying his best to channel his inner Batman. He wasn't looking to create a new team but when teens were getting taken by a clandestine organization and came knocking on his door (actually they didn't even bother to knock), he had no choice. He knew he'd need help but has decided not to go to Batman. Locating the others, he knows there's strength in numbers.

Kid Flash

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We have Bunker and Solstice's happiness to get on teammates' nerves and we also have Kid Flash. Bart has been living up to his Impluse name and often does things without thinking them over. We may have seen Tim, Bart and Conner the best of friends before but now we get to see how their friendship will develop, if they don't tear each other apart first.

The series may be a little on the dark side with the teens being on the run and threatened at every corner but Bart adds the humor that is slowly filling up this book. Again, we can't have a team sitting around holding hands and getting along all the time. Life doesn't work that way and it could be a little boring to read if that's the way it was. The scenes between Tim and Bart were pretty much worth the price of admission.

We also get a little update on his background and if it's still possible he has a connection to Barry Allen.

Another member?

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Superboy hasn't really joined yet and we can't say for certain when exactly he will. Those with a keen eye and knowledge of past characters may have caught the appearance of another character that's been...hiding in plain site the past few issues. The addition of this character as a member could make life easier for the Titans in a certain regard. We'll have to wait and see how that plays out.

This may not be the Teen Titans you were expecting but they are shaping up to be an entertaining incarnation. How long will they be on the run from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. remains to be seen. Hopefully we'll see them go up against other threats but for now, the team is shaping up rather nicely.