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Teaser: Death of the Watcher?

Something big is going down in May 2014 (and I'm not just talking about Uatu).

Usually when we post the Marvel teasers, they first arrive in my inbox. Today, something a little different happen. As it's the weekend, and it's been busy, I finally got around to checking my mail and found a postcard from Marvel (how'd they get my home address?). The teaser, as we often see, says very little.

No Caption Provided

It may not say much the image actually says quite a bit. This doesn't look too good for Uatu. That would be really too bad considering the recent developments in the pages of FF.

May is a long way's off. It seems a little odd that Marvel would start teasing something this early. The only thing on the back was just this simple message:

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Looks like we can count on another event in May. But of course there'd be an event in May. There's always an event going on somewhere.

What do you think this could be about?