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Surprise Cameos in X-Men: First Class (Spoilers)

We're a week away from the movie and there's still new information coming.

Some people love spoilers and others avoid them like the plague. If you are one that likes to avoid them, it's getting to be more and more impossible these days. You can almost find anything on the internet. Sometimes they get spoiled by fans and other times those involved, whether it's the film makers or publishers, spoil things intentionally or unintentionally.

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Some critics have already had a chance to see the film. One pretty big cameo has been mentioned/rumored. There is another one that I hadn't heard until I saw this official trailer/clip that tbpinkfloyd pointed in my direction.

If you want some spoilers, look below.

== TEASER ==

The first is one that I can't officially confirm. There's been talk that a younger Hugh Jackman would be appearing as Wolverine. Bryan Singer has said it's not going to happen but he would love to have Jackman as Wolverine in a sequel, if there was one. From what I've heard, Charles and Magneto enter a bar and Wolverine tells them to "$#@% off." There's also been mentioned of a CG Hugh Jackman. If this is going to happen, you would think it wouldn't be shown in early screenings. That's what they did when I saw Iron Man I a week before it's release. We weren't shown the Nick Fury scene at the end.

The second cameo comes from this following clip.

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As you can see, when Charles uses Cerebro, there's a certain white haired girl that appears. I think it's safe to assume this is actually Storm. The mutants are the ones in color. We could sit here and try to figure out who else is seen by Charles. Is that one girl talking to two others Jean? Who's that girl talking on the phone in the background to the right?

Again, this clip was officially released by 20th Century Fox. I'm not a big fan of spoilers but these days, you just can't avoid them. It's my duty to report them to those interested. If you don't see it here, you'll see it somewhere eventually.

What are your thoughts on these two cameos? Do you think we'll see more?