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Superman Gets New Power in SUPERMAN #38

Find out what his new ability will be.

Superman may have celebrated his 75th birthday a couple years ago but he hasn't always been the same character. Superman hasn't always had the same abilities. When he first debuted in 1938, he couldn't even fly.

Over the years, different powers have come about. Some simply by the writers added to what he can do and others based on the story. In this week's SUPERMAN #38, Superman is getting a new power picking up where last issue left off. You can see when he gained his different abilities over the years below.

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What does a "Super Flare" do? We'll have to check out the issue to find out, although you can get a glimpse below.

Superman is also getting a new costume, which could be what we showed last week when we debuted John Romita Jr's variant cover for SUPERMAN #39, also on sale later this month (on February 25). It doesn't look too different.

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Here's an example of what this Solar Flare can do (posted at USA Today).

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What do you think about his new power and costume?