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Super-Villains Need Love Too

In honor of Valentine's Day, let's take a look at a few super-villains who want, have, or need some love.

 "Doctor Sexyhead. Please report to sexy surgery."
It's Valentine's Day. The one day a year where you get together with your lover and celebrate love and everything that is love (That's a lot of love!). Some people don't have love to share though. Some people are a bit cranky, especially on Valentine's Day, and those people are super-villains.  
Sometimes finding love evens people out, like what's happening with Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Children's Crusade. Doom used to be a tyrannical dictator hellbent on world domination, but now he's found love. That and he's totally holding Scarlet Witch captive, but at least he's only hurting one person and not a whole world captive, right?
What if some of the more crazier villains found love this Valentine's Day? Would that even them out and make them more humanitarian? Maybe some of these guys would become better villains now that they have a better half, much like The Monarch on The Venture Brothers. Can love change a villain?
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Think about this: How many villains do you know that are in long, committed relationships? They are few and far between, but they do exist. Black Adam and Isis have been together for a while now, well, now they're statues, but you know what I mean. Isis was reintroduced to the world during 52, and since then she has died, been resurrected thanks to the help of Black Adam, and then both she and Adam were turned into statues. They are one of the very few married super-villain teams around, and having a lady around seemed to turn Adam into a leader who actually kinda cared about his people, at least for a short time.
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What about those villains who will hurt anyone to get to their true love, like Mr. Freeze and Black Adam? Freeze's whole goal is to save his wife, Nora Fries, from a terminal condition. Before the Lazara mess, Freeze would go to any lengths to save his wife, even if it meant killing someone else. If Freeze were able to save Nora, would he still be a villain? I'd assume not. So maybe Freeze just needs to warm up that ice cold heart of his wife his wife or maybe even a new woman. Freeze could even go back to being a scientist... but most likely a scientist in prison because of all the killing and whatnot. 
 If he had himself a lady, he'd probably still be alive.
If he had himself a lady, he'd probably still be alive.
We've seen two super-villains who love their women greatly. In fact, you could say they've become more competent as a villain because of the love they feel for their women. What about villains who overall are bumbling fools? Would a woman give them a new outlook on life? Could it make them a better villain? Although he may be dead, one villain who was always toppled by the Bat was Ventriloquist
Whether it was robbing a bank, or pretending to control the earthquakes that hit Gotham City, Scarface and Ventriloquist were foiled again and again with no problem. Maybe the original Ventriloquist could have hooked up with the new Ventriloquist? Maybe a lady Scarface doll could be thrown in the mix? The two of them could have settled down together in a log cabin somewhere, or they could have become one dynamic super-villain force? Wesker, the original Ventriloquist, had some major issues, but maybe the love-of-his-life was all he needed to set things right to become a competent villain?  
The best solution may also be the easiest. There's lots of lonely people out there that could use a little love, and there's one group in the DC universe that has a lot of love to give. So maybe a few of these people should head down to sector 2814 to find love themselves. So what do you say Star Sapphire Corps?
  As wrestler Val Venis would say,
 As wrestler Val Venis would say, "HELLO LADIES!"
Mainly DC comics is discussed here, but this exists in every company. Who is your favorite super-villain couple? What lengths do they go to to save the ones they love? What villain do you think needs someone in their life?
~Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, writer, comic book employee, and forgot to buy flowers for his lady today.... yikes.
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