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Suicide Squad: 13 Characters That Could Work in the Sequel

We'd likely see the return of most of the original cast, but this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce new characters.

Suicide Squad may not have done too well with the critics, but it's breaking records for the month of August at the box office.

It may not have been officially announced, but it seems likely a sequel will happen. When a sequel does happen, it will be a great chance to introduce more characters into the DC Cinematic Universe. We wouldn't be too surprised if Amanda Waller already has most of these supervillains locked up at Belle Reve. After all, there was no mention of Slipknot during the briefing, but he was there during the mission.

Here's 13 DC Comics characters that could really spice things up and could translate well onto the big screen.

Black Manta

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A rumor that just surfaced is the possibility of Black Manta appearing in the Aquaman solo movie.

Black Manta is perhaps Aquaman's deadliest enemy. He's one of the world's best assassin and weapons masters. He's also extremely intelligent. He's equipped with a high-tech diving suit that doubles as armor since it's also bulletproof.

In the comics, Black Manta willingly joined the Suicide Squad when it was believed Aquaman was dead. If Waller ever decided to target Batman's Justice League, Black Manta would be more than willing to take on Aquaman.

King Shark

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King Shark was actually meant to be in the Suicide Squad film. Writer/director David Ayer decided against using him because it would require too much CG.

King Shark has superhuman strength, senses, and healing factor. Plus, with those enormous teeth, imagine the fear he'd put into any target in sights, assuming he doesn't just gobble them up right away.


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Deathstroke is the ultimate assassin. They don't call him the Terminator for nothing. This is a guy you would not want to have coming after you.

With his fighting skills, super strength, endurance, and intellect, he'd be the perfect soldier to send into a stealth mission requiring many kills. In the comics, he also fought the entire Justice League single-handedly. Waller just better hope she can implant a bomb in his neck to keep him under control. Perhaps she could just offer him loads of money instead.

An appearance in a Suicide Squad movie could also set him up for solo films.


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In the comics, Bane is the man that broke the Bat. He was able to defeat Batman.

Having spent a life in prison, Belle Reve would be a walk in the park. Bane trained himself to perfection. Adding in the Venom drug, his strength increased to a superhuman level.

Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy would be suitable for many different situations. She could easily go undercover and use her intellect to take down enemies from within. She's immune to pretty much all toxins and poisons. She also uses them as weapons against her enemies. She's been known to employ truth serums and love potions in order to get what she wants. If all that wasn't enough, she has complete control over plant life and has created some monstrous, man-eating vegetation.

Bronze Tiger

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Bronze Tiger is one of the greatest martial artists in the DC Universe.

In the comics, he was part of the Suicide Squad with Rick Flag. That could be a way to introduce him to the team. Because of his fighting skills, he was also recruited by the League of Assassins. If he wasn't dangerous before, his time with the League pushed him over the top.


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In the movie, the question was raised: What would we do if a Superman-type being came to Earth with evil intentions? Some may wonder how exactly Captain Boomerang or even Harley Quinn could stand up to Superman. That's where Parasite comes in.

He has the power to drain the energy and life force of others. The more he drains, the stronger he gets. He has faced off against Superman many times in the comics and would be just what the Squad needs against someone at that level.


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Copperhead is extremely agile and can snake his way into tight spots. The fangs in his helmet are coated with venom that can cause paralysis or death. He can also use his body and costume to coil around a foe and squeeze until they become unconscious.


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Lashina is a member of Darkseid's Female Furies. With the inclusion of a Mother Box and the appearance of Steppenwolf (in a deleted scene) in Batman v Superman, speculation is that the Justice League will be fighting Darkseid at some point.

In the comics, Lashina was part of the Suicide Squad under the alias of Duchess. She was actually sent to Earth to join the Squad in order to free Glorious Godfrey from Belle Reve.

With increased strength, endurance, and invulnerability, she is also an expert in hand to hand combat. If Waller can get Lashina under her control, there's no telling what they'll be able to accomplish.

Doctor Light

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Arthur Light was a criminal physicist. While working at STAR Labs, he stole a suit that allowed him to control light. This allows him to manipulate light around himself to become invisible, create solid blasts of energy, make force fields and constructs, cast illusions, and fly. Later he is able to use these powers without the suit. He fought against the Justice League and Teen Titans until Zatanna's mind wipe cause his intelligence level to severely drop.


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Man-Bat would be another fearsome-looking soldier. Before his transformation, Kirk Langstrom was an extremely intelligent geneticist. While experimenting on himself, he transformed into a man/bat hybrid.

As Man-Bat, he has enhanced strength, agility, speed, and reflexes. He also has the power of echolocation and razor sharp claws. The ability to fly would be a great asset in field missions.

Mirror Master

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In the comics, Mirror Master is part of the Rogues with Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold. They've fought the Flash on numerous occasions.

Mirror Master has complete control over mirrors and the Mirror World. He can create portals using any reflective surface, such as windows or ice, into which he, others, and objects may pass. He controls access to these portals, and is able to trap people in reflections. This power would be useful in transporting the Squad or trapping enemies.

Roy Harper

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Let's be clear: in the comics, Roy Harper was only on one mission with the Suicide Squad. The former sidekick of Green Arrow had a troubled past which included drug usage. In the New 52 version of his origin, he also experienced some low points in his superhero career.

It would be feasible for Roy to have gone on a drunken bender and landed in a bit of hot water. Amanda Waller would jump at the chance to get her hands on Harper and his marksmanship and fighting abilities. He may not be a supervillain but that wouldn't stop Waller.

Who are your top choices for characters to appear in the next Suicide Squad film?