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Subscriber Update: HTML5 Theater Mode

Build playlists with Whiskey Media's new HTML5 video player.

Hey all. The Whiskey Media engineering team continues to try and deliver on our promise of adding new features for our members on a fairly consistent basis. Last month saw the introduction of Video RSS feeds so that you could download videos directly through iTunes and yesterday Mike Horn (gpbmike) added a new HTML5 full screen player to our video arsenal. 
Essentially, if you're a member you can now click the "Theater" link in the bottom right of any video to launch the new player. It plays fullscreen within the browser and automatically builds a list of the latest videos added to the site. On top of that, you can now also create your own playlist to queue up a custom list of videos for playback later. It's stored with your profile so don't worry about us losing your list if you disappear for a couple days or switch to a different computer.
Unfortunately, the new player only works in browsers that support the H.264 codec since that's what we use to compress our videos. For now that means only Safari and Chrome, but we should have IE9 support in there pretty soon as well. If you have any issues feel free to PM gpbmike and let him know what's up. We've got plenty of ideas for the player, but wanted to get this basic version out first before we moved into crazy territory.  
If I haven't said it before, thank you for helping us keep these goofy web sites running. We appreciate the help and hope that we can continue providing you with stellar features, support, and hijinks for a long time. If you aren't a member, what are you waiting for? You can get in on that action before Friday's live show starts at 4PM.

 Much more impressive in full screen!
 Much more impressive in full screen!