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Stussy Releases A Line of Marvel-Themed Clothing

Worlds collide at Meltdown Comics' launch event!

 Give Doom to the world.
 Give Doom to the world.

As somebody who got made fun of for wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt in sixth grade, I can’t help but feel a palpable sense of irony in how superhero apparel’s currently become fashionable. I’ve seen dudes rocking Red Lantern shirts with abandon at night clubs and have even run into a few fanboy poseurs during my trivia challenges at conventions, so it’s not just a figment of a hopeful imagination. If I only I’d saved that GL T —I could have something straight-up vintage in my wardrobe (although, realistically, there’s no way that shirt was going to fit, now.)

I bring that all up because Hollywood’s totally-rad LCS, Meltdown Comics, hosted an awesome party last night to mark the official launch of Stussy’s new line of Marvel-themed apparel.  My sense of fashion doesn’t exactly have what you’d call a wide breadth, so I’ll confess to never having heard of Stussy clothing before the party.  As such, it was a little surreal to see Avengers cosplayers and Dr. Doom posters at an event where hip hop legend Pete Rock was DJing. == TEASER ==

Go on and check out some snappies of the event below. If this has enticed you to add some Marvel/Stussy stuff to your regular wear, go on and check out their official website catalogue here.  Sadly, the Cap, Ant-Man and Wasp outfits are NOT being offered in the clothing line.

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