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Steven Colbert Shares His DNA With The Universe

Our Future Is In Safe Hands?

Steven Colbert's DNA is getting shot into space.  I wonder how he was selected.  It's an interesting idea.  It's also weird to think of your DNA floating around out there.  Imagine if the Skrulls got a hold of it.  It'd make their Secret Invasion a lot easier.

Here's what Eonline reported: 

Stephen Colbert has agreed to share his genetic genius with the rest of the galaxy, donating his DNA to be digitized and included in a time capsule launching to the International Space Station next month in a project dubbed the "Immortality Drive."

"I am thrilled to have my DNA shot into space, as this brings me one step closer to fulfilling my lifelong dream of being the baby at the end of 2001," Colbert said.

The potential planet-saving genes will be sent off Oct. 12 by video game developer and part-time space traveler Richard "Lord British" Garriott.