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Steve Dillon 1962-2016

The co-creator of Preacher and artist on The Punisher has passed away at 54.

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New broke this morning. We've lost a legend. Steve Dillon, known for co-creating Preacher with Garth Ennis and his work on The Punisher, has passed away. News was confirmed when Dillon's brother reported it on Twitter.

Dillon first started in comics at age 16, drawing for Marvel UK. His career included work at 2000 AD, DC Comics, and Marvel. Condolences to his family. He will be missed.

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Posted By Billy Batson

Rest in peace.


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Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

How awful, another respected artist gone

Most of the comics he illustrated were for stories that weren't really for me, but I always dug his art style. Something very inviting about how simplistic and human it was.


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Posted By yankeefan91

Wow, I just recently started reading Preacher for the first time too after having read the majority of his work on Punisher. Another great artist gone way too soon.

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Posted By jayskee

Rest in peace

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Posted By HeroUp2112

Rest in peace. Thank you for all the worlds and characters you created for us.

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Posted By TommytheHitman

What a shame, I just got finished rereading his Welcome Back Frank.

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Posted By HighAccuser


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Posted By FearTheLiving

I wasn't the biggest fan of his art style but it's always sad to hear a creative has passed especially fairly early. Wish his family well in this troubling time and that Steve will be doing what he loves wherever he may be.

Rest in peace.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh


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Edited By Mfundroid

RIP indeed.

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Posted By thedankknight

This is pretty huge. RIP Steve Dillon. Wonder what happens now for the current Punisher run that he was on.

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Posted By comicace3


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Posted By thatguywithheadphones

Frank in Frank.

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Posted By judasnixon

That man drawn some of the best comics ever..... I'm honestly heart broken over his passing.

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Posted By deactivated-5988def3424a7

RIP. Punisher and Preacher must be "proud" of everything you've done for them.

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Posted By bloggerboy

I'm currently re-reading Constantine and Steve Dillon's art in that was amazing. That rabbit bit was one of the many memorable moments in it.

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Posted By JamesSpiring

The guy who originally drew Abslom Daak for Doctor Who Magazine... :(

This is pretty huge. RIP Steve Dillon. Wonder what happens now for the current Punisher run that he was on.

I expect it'll be delayed until Marvel find a replacement artist.

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Posted By apg103

so young rip

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Posted By jeanvaljean11

Last issue ilustrated by him I read was Scarlet Witch #3. I really enjoyed it...never thought it will be one of his last work. Great artist.

Rest in peace

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Posted By Heatblaze

Even though I criticized his artstyle, it's very sad to find out he passed away at such an age. RIP man.

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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

I loved his work. R.I.P. bro.

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Posted By wrucebayne

Preacher and the Punisher. Monster of an artist. Both Dillon and Jason Aaron brought to life the absolute best take on Bullseye.

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Posted By Stellar421

Aww, man. He will be missed. Thank you for all the great art, Mr. Dillon.

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Posted By HeirToTheKingdom
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Posted By NightFang3

My He Rest In Piece.

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Posted By DonFelipe
We'll always remember you... R.I.P. Steve!
We'll always remember you... R.I.P. Steve!

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Posted By nappystr8

We have been losing too many great creators far too young. He and his work will definitely be missed, but his legacy will live on through his art.

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Posted By longbowhunter

Steve Dillon was one of those artists I didn't really get until much later. I was first exposed to him on Wolverine Origins and was really put off. The older I got, the more I came to appreciate his facial acting and clear storytelling. Last month I read some of the Animal Man run he did with Rick Vietch and thought it surpassed the Morrison/Truog stuff. Reading through old Vertigo books, anytime he stepped up to the plate, there was a clear uptick in my interest level.

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Posted By Teerack

Was never a fan of his art, but damn that is young to die. Did he have cancer or something?

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Posted By silent_bomber
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I hope someone will collect Laser Eraser in trade one day, its pretty much the only major Warrior strip not collected :(

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Posted By D3ADP00L6723

Damn good artist. Loved his run on Preacher and the Punisher titles. He'll be missed but not forgotten. :(


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Edited By Billy Batson

@teerack said:

Was never a fan of his art, but damn that is young to die. Did he have cancer or something?

Ruptured appendix.


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Posted By Dr_Cheesesteak

damn, RIP, and thanks for the art.

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Posted By originalalchemist

Honestly, I was pretty young when preacher came out and didn't really read it. His Punisher work, however, I did read. It was amazing, and I was a fan. R.I.P. Steve

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Posted By Ouroborik


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Posted By webheadcomics

RIP you will be missed :(

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Posted By The_Constant_One

He was the visual soundtrack to my 80's childhood. R.I.P Steve, Thanks for the Dredd memories!

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Edited By jashro44

Rest In Peace. My condolences to his family and friends.

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Posted By BruceRogers

R.I.P :(

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Posted By Strider1992

RIP Mr. Dillon. You're art is synonymous with some of my favorite series.

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Posted By Queso6p4

Wow. He was relatively young and may he RIP. I loved Preacher

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Stay blessed in any life time

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Posted By SoA

He will be missed . A legend .