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Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D Blu-ray Review

A new collector's set is available with new extra features and a 3D version.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens returns to stores in a new Blu-ray package. The release contains the 3D version of the film along with some additional new features.

Let me start off by stating that I will not be reviewing the 3D aspec of the movie. I do not own a 3D TV, but have seen it in that format in theaters. This review will cover the additional content. The movie was originally released on Blu-ray, DVD, and HD video back in April. You can check out our review of that release, along with descriptions of the special features here.

The only complaint about this version is it's a slight bummer if you did buy the first version. Granted, you would have waited seven months. This does contain all the special features from the first release. There is also a new package to give it the "collector's edition" feel.

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Our review for the movie is here. The big question you would have is what are the new features included in this version?

Special Features

Audio Commentary with J.J. Abrams It felt odd not having commentary the first time around. Chances are you've seen the movie a time or two already. Hearing what Abrams has to say is cool.

Deleted Scenes (6:39)

  • Finn and the Villager
  • Jakku Message
  • X-Wings Prepare for Lightspeed
  • Kylo Searches the Falcon
  • Snow Speeder Chase
  • Finn Will Be Fine

(Those were the previously included scenes).

  • Leia & the Resistance (A very short scene).
  • Unkar Plutt at Maz's Castle (Rey runs into Unkar Plutt and Chewbacca arrives).
  • Tunnel Standoff Maz's castle (Han tries smooth talking their way out from getting shot by squad of Stormtroopers beneath Maz's castle).

Foley: A Sonic Tale (4:02) Skywalker Sound foley artists talk about creating the sounds. We see examples for Kylo's cloak, BB-8 rolling, and a Millenium Falcon chair. There's a lot enthusiasm of creating new sounds.

Sounds of the Resistance (7:15) More on sound. We see how they brought back the classic sounds while also creating new ones. They knew BB-8's sounds would be iconic and spent time creating a unique sound with his voice and the sound of his motors.

Dressing the Galaxy (6:27) Creating new costumes for all the characters. Harrison Ford talks about being a pain in the butt about his costume, but was happy with the detail in his new costume. J. J. Abrams mentions being impressed with all the new outfits/characters.

The Scavenger & the Stormtrooper: A Conversation with Daisy Ridely and John Boyega (11:45) John talks about his love for Star Wars. They got along really well. Abrams made tweaks to the script based on how they talked and interacted with each other off camera. They discuss the three months of lightsaber training and even do a rap.

Inside the Armory (8:17) The designers had to create weapons from scratch. Some were "too futuristic" and had to have a more Star Wars retro feel. Abrams came up with idea for Kylo's lightsaber. 3D printing is used for some designs followed by molding.

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This collector's edition is a nice release. If you're a diehard fan, there's no question as to whether or not you should buy it. If you already have the previous version, there is enough new features, along with the commentary to make it worth it. The packaging is pretty cool as well. Resist this purchase, you will not.