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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 5.18 'The Jedi Who Knew Too Much' Review

Ahsoka is framed for the Jedi Temple bombing and attempts to escape Admiral Tarkin and an army of clones.


Wow, what an exciting episode. A combination of a mind-blowing visuals and a riveting chase scene makes 'The Jedi Who Knew Too Much' a great episode.

Admiral Tarkin leads the "investigation" of the Jedi Temple bombing and Ahsoka is quickly framed for the deadly event. When she realizes no one will believe her case, she tries to escape Tarkin's heavily fortified Republic facility. What follows is an electrifying and lengthy action sequence that provides some of the best visuals I've ever seen from the show.

The opening funeral service with Yoda was a wise way to begin the episode, but the next segment with Barriss Offee was the episode's only low point. Personally, I think these few bits of dialogue make it clear she's the bomber. I'd love for it to be Darth Maul (what else does the Emperor need him for?), but she appears to be the most likely option at the moment... or could we possibly see the return of Ventress?!

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I can't get over how brilliant the entire escape sequence looked. The detail in the facility was impressive -- from the giant statues to the memorial, it was a shockingly good segment. There were some great shots as Ahsoka flipped around the exterior with her lightsabers glowing and stun shots flying past her. Throw in heavy rainfall and this scene was ridiculously amazing and gripping. The lighting in the lower tunnels was superb, too.

This final story arc was off to a bit of a slow start but 'The Jedi Who Knew Too Much' kicks it into overdrive and provides an absolutely enthralling episode with beautiful animation. To top it off, it's also packed with a few delightful references -- 1313, anyone?