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Star Wars Confirmed For Blu-ray Fall 2011

How can you not want these movies in high-definition?

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 George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill make the announcement.
 George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill make the announcement.
There has been rumblings but today it was confirmed that for the for the first time ever, the Force will be with you on Blu-ray. Yes, we've had the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network on Blu-ray but I'm talking about the original movies. 
At Star Wars Celebration V, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced that the complete Star Wars Saga will come to Blu-ray with a worldwide release in Fall 2011. The Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set will feature all six live-action feature films utilizing the highest possible picture and audio presentation, along with extensive special features - including documentaries, vintage behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, retrospectives and never-before-seen footage from the Lucasfilm archives. 
How can there possibly be "never-before-seen" footage? Check out this scene of Luke building his lightsaber in Return of the Jedi: 
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I don't know about you but stuff like this will guarantee I will be buying this box set. I'm sure there will be complaints about yet another re-release of the movies. It's all simply, if you don't like the idea, just don't buy it. Why bother to complain? Since I am a huge Star Wars fan, there's no way I could not own these movies on Blu-ray. I don't care that I have them on DVD and a couple versions on VHS. We're talking Blu-ray here. And as George Lucas himself put it today: 

Blu-ray is the absolute best way to experience Star Wars at home – in pristine high definition. “The films have never looked or sounded better.  

We're also talking Fall 2011. That's a year from now. Start putting aside a few bucks each month and by the time you're able to buy the set, you'll have the money ready. I cannot wait.