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Star Wars Celebration: Cosplay Gallery

Stormtroopers? Check. Jedi? Check. And we also found a bunch of other great costumes at Star Wars Celebration.

You can't have a Star Wars convention without Cosplay. I thought it would be all Stormtroopers and Jedi. I do have to say, seeing a bunch of Stormtroopers up close, I was impressed. Rather than take pics of every single regular Stormtrooper, even if they looked great, I was a little more selective. I tried getting shots of more non-typical costumes. The spirit and enthusiasm this whole weekend has been phenomenal. I can't explain how amazing it's been being surrounded by so many that are so enthusiastic about Star Wars.

Enjoy the images and keep the comments respectful.

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Singer/Actress Emii (Instagram: @EmiiOfficial)

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SW/Frozen Cosplay by Matthew Eberle (Instagram: @EberleCosplay) and Ashlynne Dae (Instagram: @AshlynneDaeCosplay)

There were so many other great costumes I couldn't get to. Hope you all enjoyed the costume and dedication the Cosplayers put in. Next week is C2E2 so we'll have more pics coming.