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Star Wars 7 Director Explains Kylo Ren's Table of Ashes

Kylo Ren was way more evil than we thought.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out on Blu-ray this week. In addition to the feature film being released, there were also deleted scenes, commentary, and behind-the-scenes pieces giving fans an in-depth look at everything about the new film. One of the small moments fans may have missed is Kylo Ren slamming his helmet down onto a pile of ashes.

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While talking with EW, director J.J. Abrams explained what was going on with the scene. When Kylo Ren interrogates Rey in the Starkiller Base, he takes off his mask for the first time and sets it down onto a table of ash that Abrams says was intended for an earlier scene.

"The backstory is, that that table has the ashes of the enemies he's killed," Abrams says. "That moment was actually shot for, and meant to be used in, the scene where he was talking to the Vader mask."

Adam Driver's Sith-in-training, Kylo Ren, wants to walk to path of the Dark Side, but he seems to treat his journey and the Sith before him, mainly Vader, as an obsession, something he feels nostalgia for. It's almost like his enemies become sacrifices for the Dark Side. Ren shows more emotion than any other Force-sensitive character fans have seen in the past. Abrams went on to talk about the act of slamming the helmet down onto the table.

"He originally had his mask off the first time we shot that scene. Then we reshot it with his mask on, but we had that shot which I loved and thought was so cool of the mask being slammed down into that ash," Abrams says. "So that shot was stolen from the scene that we had changed and put into the scene with Rey."

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is currently available both digital and in Blu-ray formats.