Exclusive: Stan Lee on MIGHTY 7: Beginnings

Stan Lee talks about his venture, 'Mighty 7.'

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Stan Lee's 'Mighty 7: Beginnings' Coming to Blu-ray and DVD

Watch Stan Lee talk about the characters and their future.

We all know Stan Lee has created several amazing characters and teams. Back in 2012, STAN LEE'S MIGHTY 7 was released through Stan Lee Comics and Archie Comics. Now the characters can be seen in animated form. A Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and DVD release is out April 15, 2014.

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Stan Lee’s Mighty 7: Beginnings is produced by Stan Lee Comics, a joint venture among Genius Brands International, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Archie Comics, and is the first in a trilogy of feature-length films premiering on The Hub Network and supported by a licensing program to include digital comic books, toys, apparel, and video games. An animated television series is also set to debut in 2015. Available exclusively at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations nationwide, the hilarious, post-modern adventure features the voice talents of Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger), Christian Slater (“Mind Games”), Mayim Bialik (“Big Bang Theory”), Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Darren Criss (“Glee”), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), Jim Belushi (Snow Buddies), Michael Ironside (X-Men: First Class), and – of course! – Stan Lee. Interestingly, Stan Lee’s Mighty 7: Beginnings marks the first time Stan Lee has written himself into one of his projects.

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It first made its broadcast premiere on The Hub in February 2014. The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and DVD is available April 15 exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club. It also includes $6.25 e-Movie Cash and has extra content such as extended scenes, a Script-to-Screen featurette, a Stan Lee Trivia Game, and more.

Be sure to check out our exclusive video clip up above with Stan Lee talking about the characters.

What is Stan Lee's Mighty 7 about?

Reality, fantasy and adventure collide in this action-fueled animated movie from comic book legend StanLee. When Stan stumbles upon seven aliens who have crash-landed in the desert, he soon finds himself swept up in their journey as a top-secret military force led by the ominous Mr. Cross and the evil reptilian Taegons close in on the group. He quickly moves them to his Malibu beach house, but in order to guarantee their survival, Stan must show the Mighty 7 how to develop their powers and become Earth’s newest team of superhero fighters. It’s the first installment in a fascinating trilogy.


Price: $19.97

Street Date: April 15, 2014

Pre-Book: March 4, 2014

Language: English

Running time: 90 minutes

Rating: Not Rated UPC 883476142739


Price: $14.93

Street Date: April 15, 2014

Pre-Book: March 4, 2014

Language: English

Running time: 90 minutes

Rating: Not Rated UPC 883476142722

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Avatar image for dagmar_merrill
Posted By dagmar_merrill

Was this even good?

Avatar image for dathomiesilversurfer
Edited By DatHomieSilverSurfer

lol wtf is this

Avatar image for captainmarvel4ever
Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

Was this even good?

It was ok, the animation felt a little weird, but I got use to it pretty quick. For a kids show the plot wasn't half bad.

Avatar image for slickymike88
Posted By SlickyMike88

I saw a trailer of it , it seemed fast paced :P , music constantly ( I can't stand that ) ,but maybe the final product won't be like that , hopeful.

Avatar image for madeinbangladesh
Posted By MadeinBangladesh

Hey guys, DC just announced Multiversity.

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Edited By amazing_webhead

This looks intriguing. I'll have to see this.

Let's just hope this one isn't sued, like you-know-who was...

We truly miss you, Stripperella. (And not just because of your great pair or sweet ass, but also because you were funny)
We truly miss you, Stripperella. (And not just because of your great pair or sweet ass, but also because you were funny)

Avatar image for vitalius
Edited By Vitalius


Agreed specially where to explain the origins and the plots. Something that would make a better series than a movie.

Avatar image for thewalkingdeadpool18
Edited By thewalkingdeadpool18


Who the heck is that and why was she sued? Also never heard of this Stan Lee might 7 before. But it's Marvel animation so probbably won't check it out. Best comics and live action movies but their animation stuff straight up sucks. Earths Mightiest Hero is considered their best animated thing and so far what i've seen of that straight up sucked too. Spectacular Spider-Man was good but that was more Sony.

Avatar image for 2cool4fun
Posted By 2cool4fun


Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Posted By amazing_webhead


  • Stripperella, a cartoon Stan made starring Pamela Anderson as a superhero who's secret identity is a stripper. Stan was sued for stealing the idea from an actual stripper (don't ask) so the show only lasted 13 episodes.
  • I've never heard of them either, but it does look interesting
  • What the hell do you have against EMH? They made the Grim friggin' Reaper, captain of the D-list villains, a total badass! Wait, was it season 2? Because a lot of people say that wasn't as good as season 1. At least the second half.
  • I like your username, by the way
Avatar image for thewalkingdeadpool18
Posted By thewalkingdeadpool18

@amazingwebhead: Thanks from what i can remember overall i'm only really watching the origin episodes right now watching in order. So the Iron Man episode,Thor episode,Captain America episode, Hulk episode their not even the Avengers yet though that's me currently watching the show i've seen random episodes before where BP is inside the Avengers tower, saw Hawkeyes introduction saw the episode where Spider-Man had to make a new team. The show seems to childish. DC animation even on CN do a good job at making it still intresting for adults. Though EMH might get better idk. But shows like Young Justice got me hooked to the show from the start. I have an awesome avatar to go with the name but my comicvines kind of busted it won't let me change my avatar.

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Edited By amazing_webhead

@thewalkingdeadpool18: Well you're welcome to your opinion, but I still like the show. (And yeah, Young Justice was awesome)

Avatar image for cobramorph

Looks like they changed the female's costumes. To bad.

Also, the red female looks like a guy on the cover & that pic with Stan looking at hims computer.

I really wish "american" animation would improve their quality of their art style.I mean, anime isnt perfect, but it at least looks better.