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Spy Photos Emerge of Batman vs. Bane On The Dark Knight Rises Set [Spoilers]

And these two aren't fighting with words, let me tell you.

I wonder how many of these spy photos would leak if these movie sets let their security pack the kind of assault weapons that Bane’s goons have got. You’d figure that “Joe Getty Images” would be less inclined to shoot some snappies of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES if there was a possibility of him getting shot back at.

Batman is so sporting in a fight.
Batman is so sporting in a fight.

A lot of us figured that this new Bat-movie was going to be setting more action during the daytime since sunlight factored most heavily into the imagery of the teaser trailer. That choice may be a boon creatively, but it may have just busted on-set secrecy wide open since everybody and their mother seemingly showed up to record a battle between Batman, Bane and a whole mess of their respective allies recently.

== TEASER ==

You can see more of the incriminating material at SHH but I want to pre-emptively shoot any naysaying about the look of the costumes down before you maniacs hit the talkback. You see all those people standing around Batman? The ones who aren’t in costume? They’re there to help this all look good for the cameras it’s all being staged for, not for the dudes with their flipcams across the street. Just keep that in mind.

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Speculating about this movie when it's so far away is a little silly, but I’ll say that it does look like they’re definitely playing Bane up to be even more of “anti-Batman” with all his gear. Also, Marion Cotillard being all up in this action raises an eyebrow, and I do wonder if that’s supposed to be the “day time action” variant of the Batmboile or perhaps a duplicate pirated by these n’er do wells, instead.

For the record, this leak never would’ve happened if the project stayed in Chicago.