Check out these cool books collecting the old James Bond strips.

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Did you know there were James Bond comics collected by Titan Books?

We all know who James Bond is. The character has existed for decades and we're still enjoying the movies as they come out. Often I get people ask how come we don't have a James Bond comic? It's surprising. What might be more surprising is Titan Books has been releasing different volumes in their James Bond Omnibus series.

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Volume 5 was recently released on November 26. We posted an exclusive preview HERE.

These volumes collect the daily James Bond strips adapted by Jim Lawrence with art by Yaroslav Horak. They are all in black-and-white and really capture the time period from which they were from. Volume 5 contains strips from 75-78.

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These books each have a great feel to them. They're not in the traditional comic size format which is fine. The dimensions of the book are: 9.1" x 7.5" x 0.9"

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Each book is close to 300 pages and they feature four strips per page. The great thing about these stories is you can jump in and read any one without really worrying about what happened in the previous. I started with volume 5 and, as long as you understand who James is, you won't have any problems.

It should be pointed out that these books may not be completely suitable for the all-age group.

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There is a bit of female nudity. It's actually kinda funny at how a lot of the women don't seem to mind that they happen to be topless. That's not something that happens on the movies, due to their ratings. You can clearly tell what demographic these strips were originally targeted towards.

Of course, because it's James Bond, there will be some violence as well the kiddies shouldn't see.

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There's plenty of shooting and fists flying. Exactly what you would expect.

What you don't get a lot of is the high-tech gadgets that were made popular in some of the movies. This isn't a big deal as it means James has to rely more on his actual skills in order to solve the case and defeat the bad guys. But at least he did have a fancy backpack helicopter.

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These books are great for anyone that digs James Bond. You'll find yourself getting immersed into the stories and it makes a nice escape. Yes they are a little dated but that's part of the fun.

You can find these at book stores, Amazon or you can get them directly from TitanBooks.com. We all need more James Bond in our lives and these will make a cool addition to your collection or a gift for others.

Make sure you check out the video at the top of the page if you haven't already.

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