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We got a copy of the Golden Age Superman Sunday comics collection. Find out why you should too.

It's no secret I really like Superman. I'm actually really drawn to the Silver and Golden Age stories. They can often be wacky and absurd but that's part of the charm. In the 40s, not only were there regular comic book adventures, Superman also appeared in the newspapers. IDW Publishing has released collections of the daily strips before but now we get to see the Sunday comics.

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This oversized hardcover release contains the Sunday comics from 1943-1946. If you watched the video at the top of the page, you already have an idea what's inside. These strips were by Jerry Siegel and DC Comics with art by Wayne Boring and Jack Burnley. (There has been some debate as to whether or not the stories were actually written by Siegel).

IDW has partnered with DC to release these never before reprinted adventures. This first volume contains the strips between May 9, 1943 through August 4, 1946. This obviously contains the WWII-era story, "Superman's Service to Servicemen."

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It's an interesting angle on Superman. It's been mentioned that DC couldn't simply ignore the fact that a war was going on while putting out new stories. At the same time, how to have Superman act in them was the tricky part. Rather than simply dive into the action against the "enemy," Superman helped out soldiers and their loved ones. This doesn't mean there isn't any action involved.

As a reporter, Clark Kent does get involved as well.

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One of the great things about this release is the format. It's a beautiful book. You saw in the video how the size compares to a regular comic. The dimensions of the book are 9.25" x 12" and the colors really pop off the pages. You'll almost forget you're reading comics from so long ago.

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It's not just stories taking place during the war. There are others as well. After the war, his origin was shown in more detail (starting on November 25, 1945). His origin had been told at different points but each time, more information was added and here, you get to see Jor-El on Krypton and his plea to the Science Council.

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Along with his origin, we see Baby Clark after the Kents find him and take him to an orphanage, in the hopes of being able to adopt him. After this we also get to see Clark's first trip to Metropolis to become a reporter.

The adventures continue after this with a trip out in space, which also includes Lois Lane.

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The book contains nearly 200 pages and has a list price of $49.99. While it's worth it for hardcore or even casual Superman fans, it's possible you can also find it online for a little less.

These are the types of books I truly love. They are a piece of history. It's amazing to take yourself back to a different time and check out what the comics were like. It's now on sale and would really make a great addition to your collection.

Avatar image for Iceslick
Posted By iceslick

Wow, that's a pretty neat book there. I like the fact it's put in color and actually stand out beautifully. I might check it out someday.

Avatar image for mak13131313
Posted By mak13131313

I'm a big World War 2 buff so I'll have to get this for those stories.

Avatar image for zumafire
Edited By Zumafire

I love these News Strip releases. They have a feel you don't get any wear else.

I'm picking this up very soon.

Thanks for the preview

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Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse


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Posted By iaconpoint

WW2 and golden age Superman you say? I'm in!

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Posted By comicdude23

Too bad they killed him off during Infinite Crisis.

Avatar image for captainmarvel4ever
Edited By CaptainMarvel4Ever

It's always nice to go back to the past, for me, that's the whole point of buying from Marvel and DC.

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Posted By wundagoreborn


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Edited By drgnx


This is great news, also bonus points for pointing out their dilemma: They needed to incorporate the war, but felt it disrespectful, to the solders, to have Superman winning the battles.

Avatar image for frozen
Posted By Frozen

@g_man: Where do you buy the Golden-Age book (not interested in the Silver-Age) version? I want to collect more of Kal-L.