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Spoiler: Developments from SUPERMAN #40 & DIVERGENCE FCBD Special #1

Things are changing for Superman in a very big way.

Superman's seen his share of changes lately. We saw he got a new power in SUPERMAN #38 and he also revealed his identity to Jimmy Olsen. Because of that new power, things will never be the same. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BELOW, obviously. We strongly urge you read SUPERMAN #40 and the DIVERGENCE Free Comic Book Day issue first.

Superman gained the ability to unleash a "solar flare." It's powerful but also leaves him drained for 24 hours after. Because of this, in issue #40, Superman still wasn't at 100%. Having no choice but to stop some evil-doers, things didn't go too smoothly for him. Superman got a little beat up. He also couldn't fly away so was left leaping off. This gave a bystander the chance to record his departure. When it made the news, a certain someone saw it and was able to put two and two together.

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This is great, right? Lois Lane finally figured it out. She also figured it out on her own. She's a prize-winning investigative reporter. She should be able to figure it out and not need Superman to tell her. This opens the door to new possibilities. What will it mean for Lois and Clark's relationship? He just came back to the Daily Planet so will she confront him right away or keep it to herself?

Well, if you read the DIVERGENCE Free Comic Book Day Special, you know what happens next.

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Clark/Superman is in hiding. He's confronted and it appears this guy figured out his identity. There are people around and even Jimmy calls Clark by his name. What's going on? The story continues and we see that it's all over the news. Everyone knows Clark Kent is Superman.

What's worse is how everyone found out. It turns out it was Lois. She did what she had to as a reporter. She feels bad but it's out there.

The big question is, will SUPERMAN #41 pick up from the Free Comic Book Day issue or will it backtrack a little so we can see all of this unfold? Either way, things have changed for Superman. He will no longer have a secret identity. Is there any way to go back? We'll have to wait until June to see what Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr have planned for the Man of Steel.