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Spider-Woman (Finally) Gets a New Costume

After 37 years, Jessica Drew is getting ready for a new look.

Spider-Woman first appeared in 1977's MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32. Since then, Jessica Drew has pretty much had the same costume. Thirty-seven years really isn't a long time to have the same costume. Characters develop classic looks and you simply embrace them. But Spider-Woman's costume isn't necessarily a favorite among everyone. There's been the occasional arguments against the design of the costume and what it appears to be implying.

That being said, Spider-Woman is getting a new look. Unveiled at USA Today as part of an announcement the character and new costume will debut the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, we get to see what Jessica will be wearing in the new year.

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"As much as I'm a fan of spandex and it has its time and place, I felt Jess as a character could move away from that for a good long while," says Spider-Woman editor Nick Lowe.

It's sometimes hard to accept a character changing their iconic look but editor Nick Lowe has a good point. Spider-Woman has moved beyond being a simple superhero. She hasn't been one for some time. When you look at her in comics such as SECRET AVENGERS, while the art looks great, she still seems a little out of place in her traditional outfit.

As for why the character is so complex, check out our 3-Minute Expert video that attempts to capture everything about her.

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3-Minute Expert: Who Is Spider-Woman?

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The new costume will appear in her regular series. USA Today reports that beginning with SPIDER-WOMAN #5 (drawn by Javier Rodriguez), Jessica will focus more on street-level threats in New York City. Ben Urich will play a bigger role in the series as well. With Jessica spending more time on the 'street-level,' it makes sense for her to have a costume that appears more...normal.

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The costume was designed by Kris Anka. To check out more of the new costume, look for Spider-Woman in the Spider-Man Unlimited game.

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Let us know what you think of Spider-Woman's new look.


Here's one more pic so you can see how the glasses and web wings work.

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