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Spider-Man Monster Truck

The web-slinger's now the car-crusher.

When did the Spider-Mobile hulk out?

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 Before the car was juicing...
 Before the car was juicing...
Nelson Ribeiro of Marvel trades’ official blog recently journeyed to Uniondale, NY’s Nassau Coliseum for the Monster Jam Freestyle Mania (Mania... mania... mania!).   There he witnessed Spidey’s latest incarnation in the licensing multiverse.   You’ve already got 1602 English apprentice Spidey and EARTH X burnt-out cop Spidey and toothpaste Spidey and underwear Spidey… now, you have the furious, crushing, big-wheeling MONSTER TRUCK SPIDEY!

Samson. Crazy Train. Rap Attack. Avenger. Grave Digger (GRAVE DIGGAH!!! RAWK…!). It sounds like the line-up of a new super-team (maybe the SECRET AVENGERS?). Actually, those were the competitors Spidey squared off against in a monster truck wheelie Contest of Champions.

“And who won?” you ask, with fervor.

Spider-Man, of course. The dude can take on Sinister Six already. He can handle the Monster Truck Five.

Now, if I were the driver, I’d jump out of the truck and start doing the dirty bird all around the stadium. But according to Ribeiro, Spidey’s driver was a much more gracious winner than I and…

…living up to the Spider-man code of ethics [ he] ran up into the crowd and gave his trophy away to one lucky fan!

 A totally RAD fiasco.
 A totally RAD fiasco.

Why wasn’t I invited to this? I love monster trucks. I wasn’t even there and I can already smell in my “mind’s nose” that distinct smoky aroma of cigars, beer, churros, diesel fuel and pandemonium that surely filled the arena.

In addition to the monster truck madness, there were apparently free-style motorcross, BMX and all other kinds of performances going on, as well. I can already picture the tie-ins. A Ghost Rider motorcycle blazing around the stadium.   A Daredevil BMX pulling off the death-defying 50-foot-high spins and flips that Ribeiro describes.

But enough of my fantasy associations, Comic Vine community. I’ve got the big wheel turning here - - let’s hear yours!

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