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South African Actress Tanit Phoenix For Wonder Woman?

She definitely looks the part, but can she act?

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I know a lot of you would love to see a proper film adaptation of one of DC's most iconic female characters and while it seems that the idea of a Wonder Woman film might be a long way away, there have been plenty of rumors about another television adaptation. The show, which we reported would be developed by David E. Kelley -the same guy responsible for shows like Ally McBeal and The Practice - will likely be televised within the next year. The big question is, who will play Diana/ Wonder Woman? If you are a Wonder Woman fan, then you probably have heard the rumors; everyone from Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt to Eliza Dushku all have either voiced their interest in playing the character or have been rumored to be interested. Well, throw another name into the hat of possible actresses, because South African actress Tanit Phoenix could be one more.

Over at WhatsPlaying there has been some talk that the South African actress who recently completed some work on the not so successful Warner Brothers film Lost Boys: The Thirst (which, if you haven't heard of, might be because it went straight to DVD) could play the next Wonder Woman- or at least get a screen test. While she definitely has the looks to play the part, does she really have the acting chops? While we don't see much of her acting skills in the official trailer, we do see why it went straight to DVD. Check that out below. Do you think Tanit Phoenix looks the part? Who do you want to see play Wonder Woman?
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