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Soule and McNiven Team Up for UNCANNY INHUMANS

The team that killed Wolverine has a new book this April.

UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 by Steve McNiven
UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 by Steve McNiven

Marvel is launching a new on-going series this April featuring the creative team of Charles Soule and Steve McNiven: UNCANNY INHUMANS. The team that recently killed off Wolverine will be teaming up once again for this new series, which will have a heavy focus on the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt.

IGN exclusively announced the news that in April issue #0 of UNCANNY INHUMANS will hit shelves to a world that thinks Black Bolt is already dead, even though 8 months in the future, with AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS, everyone knows the truth. Only members of the Illuminati know that he survived what happened during Infinity.

In an interview with IGN, writer Charles Soule stated that this series will have more of a "street-level approach" to it and this book will primarily focus on Black Bolt and some of the newer Inhuman characters recently introduced in the Marvel Universe. Soule goes on to say he has a lot of different tricks to tackle a protagonist who doesn't talk, without destroying everything around him. It seems Black Bolt will still have that aura of mystery surrounding him as this series goes on.

Soule went on to reveal that the villain for the first arc will be none other than Kang The Conqueror. He didn't want to reveal much else other than that.

Marvel is really pushing forward with the idea of Inhumans over mutants recently, with their inclusion in the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as the announcement of the upcoming 2018 Inhumans film.

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THE UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven will hit comic stores and the digital realm sometime in April of 2015.