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Snyder and Jock Take Over Detective Comics

Losers and American Vampires pave the way for the caped crusader...

 What horrors besmirch the black mirror?
 What horrors besmirch the black mirror?

Straight from the Source comes the news that, come this November, Scott Snyder and Jock will be the new creative team on DETECTIVE COMICS (which will now also boast co-feature starring Commissioner Gordon.) Snyder’s best known for his Vertigo title AMERICAN VAMPIRE and Jock, while most famous for his movie-adapted run on THE LOSERS, is actually returning to title after a seven-month absence following the end of his Batwoman-centric stint on the title with Greg Rucka.  

Outside of what you can infer from the teaser image to the right, the details about the plot of their storyline, “The Black Mirror” have yet to be divulged. Jock’s crowing about the hook Snyder came up with for the title, saying it took him “completely by surprise” and that he “couldn’t believe it hadn’t been before.”  Seeing as how DETECTIVE’s creeping on the 900 issue mark, I’m sure it’s a mighty tall order to come up with a scenario that Bats hasn’t already tackled before. Hell, there was even a story about the Dynamic Duo becoming cave men on the Moon and battling rock monsters that ran in the 50s. Even back then, you could see that Bat-writers were going far outside the box to get something new to throw at the caped crusader.

Anyway, are there any AMERICAN VAMPIRE fans in the Comic Vine community? Are you intrigued to see what see Snyder brings to this other bat-themed creature of the night? What about Jock? The guy’s got the rad-est pen name, but were you feeling his run with Rucka?

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