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Six Years Ago Today It All Began

Comic Vine turns six years old today.

It's hard to believe it's only been six years since Comic Vine started. Dave Snider and Ethan Lance were making websites and approached me a few months prior asking if I wanted to work on a comic book website with them. Obviously it didn't take long for me to agree.

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As they built the code for the site, it was up to me to start the wiki pages. I wrote about 200 'brief' bios for heros and villains and started gathering as many images as possible (I still have the folders with all of them on my old PC laptop). On December 6, 2006, the site launched and we immediately discovered a great community looking for a place to call home.

We've seen many people come and go but there are some that have been here since the near beginning. As I edited pages and ran the moderation queue while I was teaching high school Mathematics, I never imagined we'd become as big as we are today. And now, I'm sitting in an office owned by CBS as I type this.

Check out what the pages used to look like.
Check out what the pages used to look like.

Comics have been a passion my entire life. I do feel this is what I've been preparing myself for all these years. The biggest thanks goes out to you guys and gals. Without you, I'd still be sitting in a classroom teaching. It was a fun job but I never would have met the people I have while working on Comic Vine.

Plus I get to read and write about comics all day. Happy Birthday Comic Vine. Thanks to everyone for all your support.

Here's to many many more years. We're just getting warmed up.

Here's an early look at what the front page used to look like.

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Posted By Eurynom

Happy Birthday Comic Vine! and thank you for fueling my addiction!

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Posted By ARMIV2

Can't believe I forgot to say happy birthday...I am a terrible person.

Happy Birthday, Comic Vine!

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Posted By Owie

I've only been a member for a year, but have been reading the wiki for five...congrats and here's to many more!

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Posted By CainPanell

Happy Birthday CV! I've been here about one and a half years, And it's kept me entertained. Here's to another six!

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Posted By the creator

Bring back the good old days.........

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Edited By XLR87T3

Long-Live Comicvine! It's metaphoric roots will grow and feast on our brain energy.

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Posted By xtremekidx

wish i was here earlier to see the changes,but anyway ....happy bday comicvine!!! may you become more impressive with each passing year :)

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Posted By falcon10

happy birthday comic vine :D:D:D:D

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Posted By avariceh

AWESOME, we share the same birthday.

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Posted By CombatSpoon86

Belated Happy Bday CV

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Posted By powerhouse1122

Wow, happy birthday comicvine! I did not know that this only started six years ago, for I have been visiting this site ever since 2008, but I only had an account here just last year, this is one of the best sites ever, thank you for expanding my mind in comics

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Posted By They Killed Cap!

Best job in the world...

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Posted By sdunham818

Happy Birthday and many more Comic Vine!!

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Posted By revbucky

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad Comic Vine exists.

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Posted By Aaron_G

Happy birthday Comic Vine!

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Posted By UchihaMatt

Happy Birthday!

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Posted By PATTX


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Posted By TDK_1997

Happy Birthday!

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Posted By IckyFanboysSHOO

Happy Birthday Comic Vine. Keep on rockin'

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Posted By Video_Martian


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Posted By QuantomMan

CONGRATS Comicvine. You guys have come such a long way. From amazing to super amazing.

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Posted By LiamB8

Happy birthday comicvine!

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Posted By jasonklein221

Congrats on a great achievement

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Happy Birthday guys! You rock!

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Posted By HellknightLeon

Happy birthday!!! You guys are awesome! I've been with you guys for a long time and will be for a long time to come.

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Posted By nappystr8

Happy birthday to all those involved in making Comicvine the best comic website I've ever been able to find!

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Posted By kagato

Happy birthday Comicvine! This site just keeps getting better and better and with all the crazy video features and podcasts, im proud to be a member.

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Posted By queenfrost_

I want the story on how Babs/Sara went from an RP user (Esther haha) to a STAFF member!

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Posted By Mercy_

@queenfrost_: Same way that Mat (inferiorego) and Gregg (k4tzm4n) did. She became well known to the community (pretty sure she became a mod in the interim) and then started writing blogs/articles and did interviews at NYCC and posted them to CV, showing initiative and talent. Pretty sure they're archived on the site somewhere if you go way back in the video section. CV offered her a staff position and she took it.

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Posted By Raven575

Six years old and you still haven't learned how to ride a bike...pfff.

Worthless. LOL.

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Posted By shatterstar

Holy crap time is flying by, does not feel like 6 years. In about a week it'll be 6 years since I found the site from a digg link (whats digg?). Here's to 6 more, congrats on the transition to CBS and keeping it real.

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Posted By tomtomiii

Hi Everyone! Happy Belated Birthday Comic Vine! (yes, I'm late ... D'oh!)

This site is one of my Favorites on the Web, and I know I can always find something fun to read or do each day. In fact I love it so much I decided I had to give myself a early Christmas present today, and signed up for a Premium Membership.

I know I haven't been around as long as some people commenting. But I still wanted to say Congrats and more importantly ... THANK YOU!

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Posted By Army2442

happy bday c-vine.

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Posted By Jnr6Lil

@G-Man: Damn, website looked horrible 6 years ago.

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Posted By jazz1987

Happy Birthday Comic Vine! You guys are an awesome site!

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Posted By UncleRobot

Happy Birthday! You've an awesome site.

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Posted By papad1992

The first time I came across this site was back in late 2006/early 2007 when I was trying to find out more information about comics... I researched through Google and Comicvine was like on the 12th page or something, and compared to today, it was very basic! Now look at it... it is THE site for all things Comics!! I love u Comicvine... through all my moving to various places, u guys have been my online community!! :)

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Posted By Txapote


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Posted By Manwhohaseverything

Keep up the good here for another 6, and then another, and another.....

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Posted By Malevolent1

I was NOT aware of this. Truly amazing what the staff at Comic Vine has managed to do. In six years, they have easily become one of the most popular places on the web to discuss comics. In my opinion, they have become THE BEST.


Congratulations Comic Vine staff!

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Posted By Lantern Prime

Congrats ... miss the good old days of this site. Love all yall cats past & present. Been here since July, 25 2007

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Posted By monkeyonurback_

i was 12 o_o

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Posted By AssertingValor


Yay Comic Vine! I remember the site before it even looked like this:

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Thanks for creating such an awesome site for us to enjoy!

Back in the old days lol