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Six Developments from The Flash "Welcome to Earth-2"

When Barry, Harrison, and Cisco head to Earth-2, things get crazy.

This week on The Flash, the STAR Labs team heads off to Earth-Two to rescue Harrison Wells daughter, Jesse. What's so different about Earth-Two and just what developed on this week's episode of The Flash that was a big deal? Most importantly, what are all of the characters that fans are familiar with on this show like in this other world?

Kicking everything off, Flash closed up all the breaches to Earth-Two, in Central City, except for one. That's what they're going to use to get to the other Earth. Harrison, Cisco, and Barry are the ones heading to this Earth while Jay and Caitlin keep watch at STAR Labs.

Warning: It should be obvious there are spoilers here.

Earth-Two Barry Allen is a Total Fanboy and Married

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Barry Allen on Earth-Two still works in the CSI for the CCPD. When Barry brings him to STAR Labs, Earth-Two Barry geeks out about being in the presence of Harrison Wells. That's not the biggest change for the character. It turns out that Barry and Iris are actually married. Stranger yet, they both live together in the house Barry grew up in, Joe's house. Don't worry, Joe doesn't live there anymore and we find out, through Joe that maybe Earth-2 Barry isn't as great of a guy as we think he is. He may be a bit selfish and in his own world.

Supergirl is from Another Earth

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There were a TON of Easter Eggs in this week's episode, which you can find out more about here. However, when the group are about to go through the speed tube, there's a quick shot of Supergirl flying. Considering the crossover between Flash and Supergirl was announced, this has to be the way the two heroes meet and more importantly, that means DC is working with a multiverse for some of their properties, since Supergirl isn't a part of their world. Does this mean that the cinematic universe could cross over with any of the shows? Unlikely, but it gives some hope.

Jay Garrick Rises to the Occasion

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While Barry is away, a new baddie comes to town: Geomancer, a meta-human who has the power to cause earthquakes. However, there's no one in the city to stop him. Jay Garrick has to Become the Flash Again. He takes the Velocity 7 to gain powers, but those owers come at a cost and they wear off quickly. So while Jay Garrick uses speed to take down Geomancer, he needs a little help from Joe. Afterwards, Caitlin says she's going to work on Velocity 8. Hopefully, the effects will last longer than a few minutes.

Friends are Straight Up Villains and Vice-Versa

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On Earth-Two, Caitlin Snow embraces her dark side as the meta-human Killer Frost. She actually works for Zoom and puts other criminals in their place, by killing them with chilling kisses and some really sharp icicles. She works with her beau, Ronnie Raymond, who is alive and Deathstorm on this world. That's not the weirdest thing. Floyd Lawton, who was a villain on Earth-1, still goes by the name "Deadshot," but he works for the Central City Police Department, and he's terrible with a gun.

That's Not All Who's a Villain

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While Cisco, complete with a weapon to take down Killer Frost, goes to Ronnie and Caitlin's hideout, he quickly learns who is in charge of the two, and it isn't Zoom. The boss of the two, who works for Zoom, is revealed and it's Earth-Two Cisco. This Cisco goes by the name Reverb. However, Reverb has a proposition for Cisco, and that's to run Central City with him, without Zoom. Cisco is impressed with Reverb's powers.

Flash Visits the People Zoo

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By the end of the battle with Killer Frost and her dead associates, Zoom has captured Flash. Barry wakes up to find himself in the same room a Harrison's daughter, Jesse, but Barry is locked up in a glass box with a bunch of other people Zoom has captured over the years. How will The Flash escape, save Jesse, and stop Zoom? We'll find out next week. Same Flash time. Same Flash channel.

What did you love about this week's episode?