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Six DC Titles Canceled, Major Shift In Creative Teams

Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase discuss the latest changes being made at DC Comics.

In a recent interview DC's Senior Vice President Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase revealed that five DC Comics titles are being canceled and that there will be major changes made to the creative teams. Based on the information released earlier, SAVAGE HAWKMAN, TEAM 7, FURY OF THE FIRESTORM, DEATHSTROKE, RAVAGERS, and SWORD OF SORCERY are all being canceled.

BATWING cover by Ken Lashley
BATWING cover by Ken Lashley

Some of these titles were launched relatively recently following the previous round of cancelations by DC, so the question remains, did the publisher really give these series a chance to blossom and thrive, or were they eliminated prematurely?

According to Chase and Harras, although SAVAGE HAWKMAN and DEATHSTROKE are two titles that are being canceled, we will continue to see these characters in the DC Universe in the future. For example, Hawkman will appear in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

Cancelations are not where it ends, however. The heads of DC revealed that there would be major shifts made to creative teams, as well. Many creators who are seeing their titles come to an end (Christy Marx and SWORD OF SORCERY, for example) will be moving on to other titles.

According to the interview writer Michael Alan Nelson will be taking over SUPERGIRL from Mike Johnson. Writer Tom DeFalco is being replaced by Justin Jordan (DEATHSTROKE), and Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are both moving to BATWING. Additionally, Sterling Gates (SUPERGIRL) will be taking over THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA'S VIBE for writer Andrew Kreisberg starting with issue #4.

DC is also rolling out "WTF Certified" where the publisher will push things to the limit. You can see the first "WTF Certified" moment this April.

What do you think of the news? Were you reading any of the series that have been canceled? Are you looking forward to seeing the changes made to any of these creative teams?

Source: CBR