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Six Big Moments from The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 "The Man Who Saved Central City"

The premiere episode have some huge developments happening.

Note: there will be spoilers below!

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The Flash Season 2 premiere kicked things off at a fast pace. The show is definitely moving forward and not shying away from shaking things up. Because we already gave you a spoiler-free review HERE, we decided now it's time to dive right into the big moments that surprised us, made us cheer, and even get a little teary-eyed.

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Joe and Cisco - The New Dynamic Duo

Sadly, Joe lost his partner, Eddie Thawne, last season. Because of what happened during the Singularity Event (we'll get to that in a second), Barry has pulled away from the rest of Team Flash. With Harrison Wells also out of the picture, there isn't much for Star Labs to do. That leaves Cisco to work with the police department on a new Metahuman Task Force to stop all the new powered villains that are on the loose.

Joe and Cisco make a great team. Seeing Cisco hungry to get an actual police badge was great. It makes sense for him to help out the police department by designing weapons or methods of containment. They'll need all the help they can get. As fast as the Flash is, he can't be everywhere.

Ronnie Died

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This is one of those moments you wonder what the writers are doing. Why did Ronnie have to die? Why did anyone have to die?

In a flashback to the moment of the Singularity Event, we see Barry doing all that he can to reverse the effects. The city hangs in the balance. There's destruction and things are getting pulled into the Singularity. Professor Stein knows they can help stabilize the event. By merging, they become Firestorm and head up by Barry. By coming apart, the energy released would be enough to stop the event. As this happens, we see a body fall. Barry rushes down to catch the body and notices it's just the Professor. Ronnie is gone.

This is the second time Caitlin loses Ronnie. They just got married too. Of course having a character die illustrates how dire the situation was. The good guys can't always win unscathed. This is what lead to Barry breaking up the team. He felt guilty for not being able to save Ronnie. He didn't want the others to be put in harm's way.

Harrison Wells’ Living Will

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Harrison Wells makes you want to shake your fist in anger every time you see him after all the bad things he's done. He may have helped set Barry on the path to becoming the Flash but he also killed Barry's mom. This also resulted in Barry's dad being in prison ever since. He took in Barry and the revelation was shocking. The shocks continue.

We learn that with Wells' death, Star Labs has gone to Barry. Even more, he left a video for Barry to watch. Barry was reluctant to have anything to do with Wells but watched it with Caitlin at his side. Wells made the video in case his plans failed and he died. He says the last fifteen years, they weren’t enemies. He’s still going to help him. He then says to erase everything up to that point and to give the message to the police. Wells confesses to Barry’s mom’s death. This could mean Barry's dad could be exonerated.

But, is this really the last we'll see of Harrison Wells?

Atom Smasher’s Final Words

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Throughout the episode, Barry has to deal with Atom Smasher (whose name was given to him by Professor Stein, making Cisco overjoyed). He's tried taking on Atom Smasher by himself but eventually works with the others to come up with a way to deal with Atom Smasher's deadly abilities. The only way is to lure him into a nuclear power plant. The radiation becomes too much for him.

Barry apologizes and says he couldn’t let him hurt anyone else. He asks why he wanted to kill him Atom Smasher says, “He promised to take me home if I killed you.” When Barry asks who, Atom Smasher says, “Zoom” and dies.

What the heck does this mean? When Cisco first sees Atom Smasher, he gets a strange vision of having seen him before. We know Cisco recalls the alternate time line so this likely has something to do with an alternate world. Is this how we'll see Tom Cavanagh remain on the show as Zoom?

Henry Allen is Free

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With Well's confession and the details he provided, Barry's dad is free. This leads to a heartfelt celebration with everyone back together. There is still some sadness in the loss of Ronnie and Eddie but, as Professor Stein puts it, they need to more forward.

Henry decided he needs to leave. The city needs Barry and by him being there, he takes away some of Barry's motivation and dedication to the city. Plus he still has another family with everyone in the room. Poor Barry. He never fully wins.

Jay Garrick Has Arrived

If we didn't already know Jay Garrick was coming, this would have been a huge shocking ending. At Star Labs, everyone has gathered together. Cisco presents a little change he made to Barry suits. The emblem has white in it like the future paper Gideon showed them. Security is now tight and no one can get in. But someone does come in. He knows them. He says his name is Jay Garrick and their world is in danger.

Now we have to wait until next week to find out what's going on.