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Simone Steps Down From FIRESTORM, Joe Harris Takes Over

Another DC creative team gets shaken up.

Yesterday we reported on the shake-up in DC's LEGION LOST series -- writer Fabian Nicieza stepped down from the series and it was revealed that former Marvel Editor Tom DeFalco would take on writing duties for the book beginning with the series' 7th issue. Today, DC announced yet another shake-up on another New 52 title. According to the Source, FIRESTORM writer Gail Simone will be stepping down from the book and that the 6th issue will be her last. Writing FIRESTORM beginning with the series' seventh issue will be writer Joe Harris and Ethan Van Sciver will act as co-writer. Sciver plans to draw and co-write the two part story arc (issues #7 and 8) and artist Yildiray Cinar will take over interiors of the book starting with issue #9.

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So what's in store for Firestorm duo Ronnie and Jason? According to DC, the characters will be dealing with the repercussions of wielding their colossal power. Can you image having more than just your hormones to deal with as a teenager? No, thanks. The new creative team will launch a new story arc, "The Firestorm Protocols," which, according to the book's editor Rachel Gluckstern, will take the characters into the "arena of politics and power." What could that mean?

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As for Simone, she'll be focusing all of her energy on Barbara Gordon's ongoing series, BATGIRL -- at least for now. What do you think of the shake-up on FIRESTORM? Are you looking forward to the changes being brought on by the Joe Harris and Ethan Van Sciver creative team? Have you been reading the series? Check out two inked pages from the upcoming December issue of Firestorm, below.

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Source: DC Source