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Seven Revelations About Cable's Future in AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #3

The future is never certain but these events are leading up to Avengers Vs. X-Men.

We're just a couple months away from Marvel's next big event, AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. We're all familiar with the notion of superheroes fighting other superheroes. Often it's due to a misunderstanding or because of another immediate threat. They can be enjoyable to see and the heroes usually end up working together in the end to defeat a common enemy. The heroes don't always get the chance to cut loose and this is sometimes the closest we'll get.

The Avengers and the X-Men have quite a bit of history to simply begin fighting each other over a misunderstanding. With the threat against Hope Summers, the Mutant Messiah and the possibility of the return of the Phoenix Force, it's easy to see how both sides will be on edge and have itchy trigger fingers.

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In the miniseries, AVENGERS: X-SANCTION, Cable has seen an apocalyptic future. He was told this came to be because the Avengers were responsible for Hope's demise and she was meant to prevent the deadly threat that ravaged the world. In this future, we're possibly seeing some of the groundwork for what could be a result of Avengers Vs. X-Men. The series is telling us quite a bit about what could happen in the coming months. Be aware there will be some spoilers for the third issue below.

== TEASER ==

The End of Red Hulk?

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Cable has already taken down Falcon, Captain America and Iron Man. When Red Hulk turned up, Cable kept calling him Talbot. The thing is, Glenn Talbot is dead and "Thunderbolt" Ross is the Red Hulk. Yet Cable is certain of his facts.

As the battle continues, Cable finally realizes that this Red Hulk isn't Talbot. It could mean two things. It's possible that Glenn Talbot will return from the dead (isn't that what everyone in comics does these days?) and he'll somehow turn into a red Hulk. It could also mean that Ross could be meeting his end soon. As the Red Hulk, he has become virtually unstoppable. With the arrogance the former general possesses and all this power, he has become more overconfident. That could mean he might get in over his head soon.

The Avengers Have Inhibitor Chairs

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On the dead world in the future, Cable and Blaquesmith visit the remains of the Avengers Mansion. The Mansion and the surrounding area area were trashed. Inside they find several items the Avengers had before the world died.

Cable was concerned about a security system being in place. That would make sense as the Avengers Mansion always had something in place. It turned out that there wasn't any need for concern. Whatever it was that caused the destruction of the world must have happened before anyone could turn the security system on. Either that or there simply wasn't any power left to run it.

The inhibitor chairs found inside were designed by Magneto and taps into a person's neurobiological system. This prevents the person sitting from using their powers or pretty much doing anything else.

Why would the Avengers have these chairs? This isn't the type of thing they would normally keep around. Also, how did they get them? If Magneto designed them, why would the Avengers have them? What happened to Magneto for the Avengers to get a hold of these chairs?

Iron Man Armor and Sentinel Tech

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The Sentinels continue to be a bane to the X-Men. Inside the Avengers Mansion, some scaled down versions of the Sentinels can be seen and there is an advanced version of Iron Man's armor. This armor has been integrated with Sentinel tech. Cable wonders if the Avengers were preparing for a war with the X-Men.

Tony Stark has already shown that he thinks ahead. In MAGNETO: NOT A HERO, when Iron Man had to talk to Magneto and Cyclops, he made sure he wore a non-metallic armor in precaution of being in Magneto's presence.

Knowing that they would or could be facing the X-Men, they would obviously make preparations. Using Sentinel technology seems a little desperate and extreme. Stark would pride himself on using his own tech and using Sentinels just says that he's not able to handle them on his own.

Wolverine's Skeleton

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We don't know exactly how far in the future this visit to the Avengers Mansion is but it doesn't look good for Wolverine. It's strange to see that they would have his Adamantium skeleton preserved along with other weapons they've gathered.

In the coming battle between the Avengers and the X-Men, Wolverine could be a wildcard. Because he's a member of both teams, it would be hard to predict where his allegiance would lie. One would think he'd align himself with the X-Men first but the Schism with Cyclops could make that a little less likely. There's also the indication given in this issue in the present that suggests Wolverine would side with the Avengers, at least against Cable.

Wolverine is a noble person and he would fight for what he believes is the right cause. Cable is being a little irrational and he might not fully believe that Hope is the Mutant Messiah. Either way, it's strange to think that the Avengers would keep his skeleton in a tube.

Whether that's all that remains of Wolverine or it was removed, the Avengers could either have in on display as a trophy or perhaps they plan on using the Adamantium to use against the X-Men in a weapon or armor.

Gambit's Staff

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This is another odd item to be sitting in the Avengers Mansion armory. Gambit isn't the type that would ever be invited to be an Avenger. Most likely, he wouldn't want to be one either. He has a questionable past but then again, a few of the Avengers also got their start on the other side of the law.

It wouldn't be a surprise if the staff was taken or recovered from Gambit after a fight. What adds another layer to the mystery is the staff also has been "updated with Stark tech."

Because of his days as a thief, Gambit could have acquired some Stark technology to enhance his staff. Then again, maybe Gambit is actual an ally to the Avengers. Tony could have updated the staff himself to give the X-Men an edge against another threat. Or maybe Tony thought it would be cool if he wore the Iron Man armor and used a staff as well (probably not).

Either Gambit was friendly with the Avengers or more likely was defeated by them and they kept the staff among their other weapons and 'prizes.'

Doctor Doom's Time Platform

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This is how Cable gets back to the present. Along with everything else, Doctor Doom's Time Platform was found. Anytime Doom's Time Platform is involved, you know it can't be good. It's curious because supposedly the flaw with the platform is you can't travel back into your own timeline because doing so creates an alternate reality. The question is, can Cable actually change the future he saw by traveling back in time to the present?

Also, was there a reason he chose this time period to travel back to? He had less than 24 hours until the Techno-Organic Virus consumed him and he could have chosen an easier time to attack the Avengers. Why didn't he travel back to the moment everyone thought he died?

Of course the bigger question is why did the Avengers have a time platform? The Avengers aren't really ones to go traveling around time. Reed Richards wouldn't have a problem checking things out but it's not something the Avengers would do.

We're left wondering if the Avengers confiscated the time platform from the X-Men, Doctor Doom or someone else. It is possible the Avengers, again if desperate, could have considered using it themselves to prevent or prepare for what was coming. Guess it didn't work out for them.

The Techno-Organic Virus

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Cable doesn't have long to live. He can barely keep the Techno-Organic Virus in check. We haven't seen any sign of him in the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN teasers. It seems likely that Cable could end up dying yet again but there could be another explanation.

When Cable was fighting Red Hulk, he attacked with the virus. This momentarily took out Red Hulk and Cable noticed the virus was receding from his fingertips. He noticed that the virus in him was weakened not that it had something else to feed on (Red Hulk). Could it be that Cable ends up losing the virus? This could catch him off guard, requiring him to retreat as the coming war is about to begin. Red Hulk can also absorb energy. Could this include the virus? If this is so, what will it mean for him and will he somehow use it against Cable?

There's only one more issue of this miniseries left. And then the big showdown begins. It seems something has to happen to Cable to explain his apparent absence in the AvX teasers and covers. Only time will tell. The battle is fast approaching.