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Seriously Now, Blade's Joining The X-Men?!?

This is just madness.

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Another day, another crazy X-Men announcement. First we find out Spider-Man is going to be an X-Man. Then we found out that Lyra, the Savage She-Hulk is apparently joining. Today we find out that Blade will be running around with the mutants.
Is Blade a mutant? It all depends on what definition of mutant you use. Marvel has always gone with those that have been born with the genetic ability to develop powers. Most us can see someone like Spider-Man having mutated when he got bit by the radioactive spider. Blade is sort of a mutated result of his mother being bitten by a vampire. Is that enough of a reason to be allowed onto the X-Men? Blade likes to spend most of his time hunting vampires, are the X-Men going to be facing a bunch of mutant vampires soon?
Another thing we can get out of this image is it appears that little Hope will be surviving Second Coming. I have to admit I'm curious to see where all these new additions to the X-Men will go. Is this just a temporary thing (most likely yes) or is this just a bold new direction Marvel will take? If we all want to embrace diversity, we have to accept non-traditional mutants on the team, right?
What do you think about Blade on the X-Men?