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SDCC 2014 Interview: Mark Waid Talks STAR WARS: PRINCESS LEIA

One of the toughest characters in the Star Wars universe is getting her own miniseries.

The Star Wars comic news keeps coming. We know Jason Aaron is writing a STAR WARS series and Kieron Gillen is doing a Darth Vader one. Because there's a lot to these characters, we'll also see a series focusing on Princess Leia.

There are a lot of layers to Leia Organa. Mark Waid will be taking the reigns of a five-issue miniseries with art by Terry Dodson. We talked to Mark to find out what his take on Leia will be in this series.

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COMIC VINE: Were you approached to do this series or did you pick Leia?

MARK WAID: ​I was approached, but she would have been my first choice.​ She's such a layered character.

CV: We didn't get to see much of her thoughts or reaction to Alderaan's destruction. Will you focus on any of that?

​MW: That is, in fact, the thrust of the whole story. Once the Death Star is destroyed and the adrenaline dies down, how does she deal with the loss of her entire world? What are her responsibilities as the Princess of a planet that's no longer there? Will she choose to rebuild her heritage--and if so, how and with what resources?​

CV: Any chance we'll see some flashbacks to Leia's days before the Rebellion?

​MW: Every chance. I bet she was one of those kids who was born 20 years old.​

CV: What made Leia become such a fierce leader and fighter?

MW: ​That's all for us to reveal. Suffice it to say that she was gifted/burdened with a great sense of responsibility from the moment she could understand what that meant--and read the story for how that played out.​

CV: Is this series going to focus on the period before Episodes IV and V?

​MW: Yes. Our story takes place immediately after the end of Episode IV.​

CV: What can we do to prepare to be blown away by Terry Dodson's art?

​MW: Strap yourselves in, because it's phenomenal.​

STAR WARS: PRINCESS LEIA #1 is on sale in March 2015.