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SDCC 2014 Interview: Dennis Hopeless Talks SPIDER-WOMAN

Writer Dennis Hopeless talks about his new on-going series.

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At San Diego Comic Con on Sunday, during the Women of Marvel panel, it was announced that Jessica Drew would be getting her own on-going series in November, featuring writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Greg Land: SPIDER-WOMAN Hopeless answered a few questions about this upcoming series featuring a fan favorite character.

COMIC VINE: What is the new SPIDER-WOMAN series about?

DENNIS HOPELESS: The life and times of Jessica Drew. She’s the Spider-Woman. Ha.

The thing is, it's hard to say too much about the series until after Spider-Verse comes to a close. Which side will win? Which characters will survive? So much rests on the outcome.

During the event, Spider-Woman is Jessica’s war journal. She’s a soldier in this big crazy war and we’re following her as she bounces across the multi-verse running missions with fellow spider-folk.

CV: The opening arc with this book is dealing with the events of the Spider-Verse story. Aside from Silk, who can we expect to see in the first few issues of this series?

DH: Spider-Gwen, Anya Corazon and Spider-Man Noir all show up during our Spider-Verse arc.

CV: What character were you most excited to write and why?

DH: I’m having a great time writing all the spider-characters but I was honestly most excited about Jessica. I just love the character and all the baggage she brings with her. I’ve always preferred heroes with a few closet skeletons. Jessica Drew definitely fits that bill.

CV: What's different about Jessica Drew in this book compared to her appearances in AVENGERS and SECRET AVENGERS?

DH: Well, in our first arc she’ll be surrounded by Spider-folk and fighting in a multiverse-spanning war. Beyond that I think it’s all about perspective. This will be Jessica’s book told strictly from her point of view. Team books are a lot of fun to write but I’m really looking forward to zeroing in on Jessica Drew. Who is this woman when no one else is around? What does she think about alone in the dark?

CV: What's it like working with Greg Land?

DH: We sort of just started working together so I’m not sure yet. I’ve been reading Greg’s work for years though and can’t wait to see what he has in store for the series.

CV: What separates Jessica Drew from the other spider-related characters in the 616?

DH: She emits a pheromone that can...

Ha. Just kidding.

Jessica is a survivor. She’s been through six kinds of hell and will chase your ass through a seventh if need be. Despite all that darkness, Jessica is a hero to the bone. She’ll do the right thing even if it breaks her. Just don’t expect her to keep quiet about how much the breaking sucked.

Thanks to Dennis Hopeless and make sure to check out SPIDER-WOMAN when it hits stores in November!