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SDCC 2014: Arrow Panel and Season 3 First Look

Season 3 is on the way and the cast is in San Diego to talk all about it!

Arrow will return this Fall and there's a lot to get excited about. New characters, new relationships, and a new backstory is just scratching the surface of what's to come. Obviously, fans are thrilled and the show's panel was packed. Well, the wait in line was worth it because Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim, Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Greg Berlanti and Paul Blackthorne took to the stage and began a fun discussion on the show's future!

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  • Opens with a "special sneak peek" of the 3rd Season. Begins with lots of recap and then begins to show many of the supporting characters, Oliver's expanding relationship with Felicity, and really brief looks at Arsenal and Black Canary. And, of course, there's some teases of action-heavy scenes in the new backstory (in Hong Kong) and a few lines with Amanda Waller. Oh, and there'sa severely injured Felicity with Oliver looking down at her and Quentin's alive and wearing a captain's hat.
  • Guggenheim says all of Season 3 is already mapped out.
  • Kreisberg says Season 1 ended on such a dour note, so they wanted to shock people by giving a "happy ending" in Season 2. "In the beginning of this season everyone is enjoying the peace everyone has found. Everything is coming up Arrow."
  • Amell: "I remember sitting in this Ballroom and making a promise to the people here that we were working really hard and that the show wasn't going to suck. It sounds simple but that's what drives us everyday."
  • Holland says she's been hitting the gym more and she's not allowed to say more about it. "The Thea you saw in Season 1 and 2 is not the girl you'll see in Season 3."
  • About Diggle having a kid: "Daddy Diggle!" joked Ramsey.
  • "It's a great story point to make Diggle a father and I think the stakes have gotten high" Ramsey states about his character.
  • Writers remind fans about the upcoming The Flash/Arrow crossover event -- as you can imagine, there's a whole lot of cheering and clapping.
  • Also reminds fans that Felicty will appear in the 4th episode of The Flash.
  • "Is Starling City big enough for all of these characters?" Kreisberg says Season 3 is typically when shows bring on gamechanging characters and eventually you can't imagine the show without said characters. Originally asked for Ted Kord but DC said they have other plans for him. And you likely know by now, they went with Ray Palmer (Brandon Ruth) instead. "Will anyone point out he looks like Superman?" Additionally, he "has his eye on Felicity."
  • Big "Olicity" spoiler: they get Italian food for a dinner date! GASP!
  • Amell is asked about the date and he jokes that he can't talk about it.
  • Amell says it's "really cool having the 2nd nicest suit on the show now" after being asked about training Arsenal. Adds this dynamic allows for more sarcasm and humor from his character.
  • Kreisberg says the Hong Kong backstory is a whole new world and is really exciting. Cited using Malcom, Katana, Waller, and more and said none are potential retcons to the story.
  • "How soon until we see Thea and Roy together in a scene?" Answer: "It's going to be worth the wait. I promise."
  • Guggenheim says we'll see more of the limo scene between Thea and her father.
  • Kreisberg says whenever they have a person find out Arrow's identity, the show became easier to write. Feels other shows have focused on that and they think it's more interesting when characters can have more realistic conversations about these matters without having to hide so much.
  • "Any plans for unlikely couples?" Blackthorne says "Lance needs a lover!"
  • Question: with so many more characters appearing, who would you like to see appear on Arrow or get their own show? Kreisberg mentions they have a great relationship with Geoff Johns on The Flash, states they've been able to bring characters they want to (e.g. Firestorm, Katana).
  • Question: a young fan asks Amell to repeat the intro dialogue. Amell says "no" and the kid cries. Just kidding, he's a nice dude and happily recites it. The audience loves it and he even adds the "previously on Arrow" bit at the end.
  • Question: if you were stranded on the island, which cast member would you bring with you? Ramsey says Stephen and Stephen then says he would pick Ramsey, too. They then joke it's purely for survival! Haynes says Amell, too. Holland says she'd pick Barrowman just because he's so entertaining. "Papa Barrowman!" Blackthorne picked Nyssa al Ghul and says she looks like a very "practical" person.
  • Question: can you really shoot arrows well, Stephen? Amell confidently says he can and joked that he'd of course beat Katniss in an archery contest.
  • One of the upcoming episodes will have a flashback of Felicity at MIT. The title of the episode is "Oracle." OH, SNAP!
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Season 3 will begin October 8 on the CW.