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SDCC 2013: TMNT Panel

The talent behind the fantastic IDW title talk about what the future has in store for the series.

A panel all about IDW's work with the Ninja Turtles sounds like a great way to kick off my panel experience at San Diego Comic-Con, doesn't it? The room was absolutely packed as Tom Waltz, Bobby Curnow, Kevin Eastman and Erik Burnham took to the stage. As expected, they went over all of the basics when it comes to 'City Fall,' but it wasn't long before they started revealing some truly exciting stuff.

  • Expect Karai to play a bigger role in the conflict as Leo grows closer to Shredder. This is obvious but awesome nonetheless.
  • The team says they want to keep introducing elements from everything we've seen in other incarnations of the Turtles (cartoons, movies, each comic series).
  • Hun will debut in issue #25.
  • We got a first look at mutated Bebop and Rocksteady (image provided below).
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  • They provided a first look at issue #29 (post 'City Fall') and the story is called 'Northampton.' It'll be four issues and illustrated by Ross Campbell.
  • They revealed the always awesome Mateus is onboard to be the artist as long as possible. Much more to come from him.
  • Alopex's micro will definitely have repercussions.
  • Karai's micro written by Burnham. It surrounds her frustration over the Foot Clan's direction.The issue's antagonist is Dark Leo and we got to see a glimpse of them clashing.
  • Hun will get his own micro, too (same creative team as the Casey micro). Goes into Purple Dragons' origin.
  • About Bebop/Rocksteady: They love being a part of the Foot clan and plan on having lots of fun.
  • Final villain micro will be for Shredder. It's described as a spiritual journey inside of his mind and will offer trippy visuals.
  • Eastman says the series is going "deeper than he ever dreamed of."
  • Eastman thinks the animated show is fantastic.
  • Issue 2 of the TMNT: NEW ANIMATED ADVENTURES sees the return of Snakeweed.
  • Space Heroes will be seen in the New Animated Adventures!
  • 3rd issue of New Animated Adventures introduces Kraang.
  • 4th issue (by Erik Burnham) of New Animated Adventures introduces The Foot Clan. Rap rushes into a fight but gets hit with a poison dart. Things get wacky from there.
  • Post City Fall (Northampton): villains have stepped back, but not necessarily defeated. Turtles taking a time out, trying to find out how to regroup. Leaves them questioning how to approach a war they don't want but have no choice to be in. Escape to Northampton in an attempt to do that. There's victory in defeat and defeat in victory --- we'll see that from the Turtles and Foot. We'll also see a brand new mutant!
  • Nick and ongoing will keep separate, so don't expect to see the unique mutants from the show invade the ongoing series any time soon.
  • The book is planned out up until issue 50.
  • Last but certainly not least: Eastman claims the TMNT movie will blow us away.