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SDCC 2013: Marvel Ultimate Universe Panel

What big things are happening in the Ultimate Universe coming up this year? Find out live!

Coming to you live from San Diego Comic Con, in room 6DE, Big things are happening in the Ultimate Universe and hopefully, we'll get some big reveals. The panel starts at 12:30, San Diego time.

12:30 - Here we go. There starting us off with some videos. First was Agents of SHIELD. Next is Avengers Assemble for Disney XD. Then a little clip promoting Infinity, that Thanos mini-series. Axel Alonso is on the stage. Brian Michael Bendis is here. Joshua Hale Fialkov is here as well. Steve Wacker is here as well.

12:35- Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man. Spider-man puts the suit back on. He'll take on Roxxon, who has been creating all these super-powered beings. They're going to take the fight to Roxxon. Ultimate Taskmaster will appear.

12:40- Ultimate Comics X-Men up. Axel says they're thrilled to have writer Brian Wood on board. "He writes characters authentically." Fialkov on Ultimates: "I wanted to do the craziest thing my pitch for the story arc was Hulk with two Infinity Gauntlets." Fialkov discusses the Dark Ultimates and how using their intelligence, they have been fixing the world's problems. "The book is a battle of wits between Reed Richards and Tony Stark... Reed Richards won that battle by cutting off the top of Tony Stark's head."

Covers and interiors for the upcoming HUNGER mini-series

12:45- Fialkov on HUNGER, which has the 616 Galactus in the Ultimate universe, which is happening in July, according to the powerpoint. Fialkov: "The story starts with Galactus coming through. I've been a big fan of the cosmic universe." Adi Granov is doing the covers. They are incredibly pretty. Axel: "Who's going to survive and what is going to survive?" Leonard Kirk is doing the art on this book. ANNOUNCMENT: Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand. Bendis and Bagley are working on it and it's a 5 issue mini-series. It involves Galactus coming to Earth. It will come out in November of this year. Bendis: "It breaks open the barriers between the Ultimate universe and the regular universe. The Ultimate characters have to find a way to defeat Galactus or sacrifice their world to save the others." It's going to have huge changes on the Ultimate Universe.

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12:50 - Bendis says this new mini-series IS the sequel to SPIDER-MEN. It will party follow what happened in SPIDER-MEN.

12:55 - Question time... Will we see the Ultimate version of The One Above All? Bendis says there are no plans, but it's interesting. Bendis says there are other books, like in Infinity, that will feature some lesser used characters. At the end of Spider-Men, we see Peter look up Miles Morales, will we see what happens? Bendis says yes. Is Mark Bagley leaving Fantastic Four for this? Nope. Why doesn't the Hunger have a an Ultimate brand on it? Bendis says they didn't want to spoil it. Fialkov says it affects both universes. Would Miles get his own 616 universe book? Bendis says read Cataclysm. There's always a chance.

1:00- When is Peter Parker coming back to Ult? Bendis says he's dead, but there is a 200 issue coming out of Ultimate Spider-Man very soon. Cataclysm sounds very final. Will there be a future for the Ultimate universe? The panel says read Cataclysm. Prepare the rumor mongering on the internet!

1:05- The panel, mainly Bendis, is talking about starting the Ultimate Universe and how it came about. There's no way they'll get rid of the whole universe... That's my opinion, based on how they're talking about. Is there a plan to give the Ultimates a breather? There's always so much going on? Can they get a vacation or a baseball league? Lots of giggling. Will we see Johnny in Ulimates? Fialkov says he loves the Fantastic Four and Ult FF. He really wants to bring them back. "I'm doing everything I can to put them front and center in the Ultimate Universe."

1:10- Bendis on killing Miles' mother. "Miles hadn't had his Uncle Ben moment yet." Plans to create expand Miles' rogues gallery? Yes. Bombshell is coming back. Ult Taskmaster. New characters. Miles needs to beat Norman Osborn. Bendis says he'll create brand new villains.

Covers: Ult Spider-Man 28, Ult X-Men 32, and Ult X-Men 33

1:20- Do you think it's time Miles gets "Superior?" Asker thanks everyone for Miles and Ultimate Spider-Man. Kid asks if they're going to reboot the Ultimate universe. Axel says no, it's not broken and doesn't need a reboot. The kid asking wants new characters. Bendis says he just saw Thor 2, and the kid's mind was blown. Cue laughs and chuckles.

1:25- Last question: Any Ultimate video games coming out? Bendis says there was one for Xbox. There's the Marvel MMO which Bendis wrote. There's some Ultimate stuff in there. Bendis says he loves games and wants to see a "kick-ass game." Panel is over.