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SDCC 2013: Marvel: Superior Spider-Man Panel

Love him or hate him, Superior Spider-Man is here to stay. Find out what Marvel said about Otto-Man's future and all of the other Spider-Man related titles.

If you feel like there's been an overdose of SUPERIOR titles recently, it's because Marvel has deemed July "Superior-Spider Month." Pretty much anyone and everyone surrounding the Spider-family books were present except for Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman and Cullen Bunn (which pains me because I'm a huge VENOM fan). But fret not, Dan Slott did phone in to answer a few questions later in the panel.

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  • In case you haven't been following solicitations, Superior Spider-Man #17-19 sees the return of Spider-Man 2099.
  • The #17 variant by JG Jones is phenomenal. Seriously, it's amazing.
  • Black Cat returns in issue #20. They say this will be a “very big” issue – bigger than #698.
  • Regarding Superior Foes: We saw a few pages from an upcoming issue and it included a very familiar face: The Punisher.
  • Christopher Yost on Superior Spider-Man Team-Up: taking everything that works about Avenging Spider-Man and bringing it to the next level. It’s “the fun book.”
  • Superior Carnage: Kevin Shinick says he really loves putting the spotlight on the villains -- to see them make these poor decisions. He wants to show Carnage "like we’ve never seen before and really mean it." A lot of the Marvel Universe will be brought into this book as well.
  • Scarlet Spider: Kraven wants something very specific from Scarlet Spider and we’re going to figure out what it is (death, I assume).
  • Superior Spider-Man #22 kicks off“Darkest Hours.” This will be the first time Agent Venom and Superior Spider-Man face off. Leads to something “pretty massive” in the book.
  • Slott chimed in via phone and says they worked really hard to keep the two characters apart in order to build up to this and there will be a lot of friction between the two.
  • As expected, we will see more of the Lizard and Green Goblin's return will be "big."
  • Fan question:“Will Superior remain a jerk and unrelatable?” Slott says Ock is relatable because he’s the underdog and seeing the traditional hero always win isn’t fun.
  • Fan question: “What made you settle on Ock being the one to defeat Parker?” Slott says their origin timeline is so similar. He states if Pete never felt responsible for Uncle Ben’s death, he could have turned out like Ock.
  • Fan question: “Will the symbiote want to attach to Spider-Man and realize it’s not Peter Parker?” Panel response: "That would be crazy, wouldn’t it?!"
  • Fan question: "Will we see the return of Peter Parker’s ghost or consciousness?" Panel response: “No! How clear can we make that?!”