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SDCC 2013: Marvel's INFINITY Panel

Marvel dishes out some details about their upcoming big event.

The 6-issue cosmic event INFINITY doesn't come out until August, but today Marvel decided to chat a bit about Jonathan Hickman's story and how it'll spill into other titles.

  • "It is the biggest story we've done -- it spans Galaxies."
  • "Some of the craziest stuff we've ever done in comics."
  • Charles Soule says beginning with THUNDERBOLTS #14, they're going on training missions to learn to work together. Punisher's first mission brings him to New York and "it all goes crazy, really, really fast."
  • Zeb Wells says writing NOVA is a lot of fun because it's a character still learning how to be a superhero. Says this is the part of the arc where Nova has to stop being a kid and deal with the responsibilities of having that helmet.
  • Regarding SECRET AVENGERS, Nick Spencer says it's "only going to get bigger from here." By the end of issue #6, we'll see the team in a very different place.
  • The panel went over the basic details surrounding INHUMANITY. In case you previously missed the announcement, it's Matt Fraction/Joe Madureira and takes place after INFINITY. Deals with the millions of inhuman descendants on Earth gaining powers and the Inhuman's dividing.
  • Rick Remender says UNCANNY AVENGERS will focus on the consequences surrounding the team's inability to work as a unit.
  • Steve McNiven jumps on UNCANNY AVENGERS in November (issue #14).
  • Remender says Ragnarok Now deals with everything we've seen in the history of the X-Men and Avengers. Says there will be a large body count.
  • Sam Humphries on Avengers AI: stakes get higher, Vision takes a journey to the Diamond, the homeland of artificial intelligence. We'll see the world through their eyes and how they view humanity.
  • AVENGERS: ENDLESS WAR TIME graphic novel by Warren Ellis & Mike McKone.
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  • Fan asks if The Avengers had any influence on INFINITY. Axel says no. "We do our thing, we do theirs. We're under no pressure to jump through hoops." Mentioned they know what's happening in Guardians of the Galaxy and they're hoping to familiarize more people with Bendis' comic.
  • Panel implies INHUMANITY will be new reader friendly -- reintroducing who the characters are and their relationships.
  • Panel asks a young fan who his favorite character is. The kid replies Thor and they say they'll put "some cool moments for Thor in INFINITY just for you."
  • Fan asks if the events with Galactus over in the Ultimate universe will impact INFINITY. The panel doesn't deny it and says an overlap would make sense.
  • Fan asks if the cast in UNCANNY AVENGERS will get better. Remender says it'll get smaller and there will be a character switch up in #22.
  • Reader says a lot of Marvel's modern events have felt underwhelming and said Age of Ultron's ending was lackluster. Axel says he knows AOU has brought about some controversy, but the ripple effect is big and will give us a lot for years to come.
  • Fan asks if the older New Warriors will show up in NOVA. Zeb says yes.
  • "Where's Doctor Doom and will he go up against Thanos?" Panel says "we love us some Doom." They say he's in play in both the short term and long term.