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SDCC 2013: Justice League Trinity War

The Trinity War is upon us and this panel is going to answer most of your questions about the miniseries.

Still here in room 6DE, and the Trinity War panel will begin at 1:45. We'll be updating you guys live for the entire panel.

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1:45- Here we go! John Root is promoting the DC app. Talking about the Justice League cars in Petco Park. John Cunningham is moderating this one. Geoff Johns is on the panel, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, and Brian Cunningham.

1:50- Video first. Geoff Johns narrates. Gives us the backstory of the JL and the JLA. Each Justice League team is explained as well as their roles in the DCU. Behind the JL war, "it was all orchestrated by the super-villains and the heroes lose and the villains win." It will lead into Forever Evil.

2:00- Geoff says he knew they were going to come to some point where they needed to deal with Pandora. Lemire wanted to make it a Justice League story. We see another large image for the last 3-parts of Trinity War. Each team has their own guide according to Johns. "How can the villains exploit the Justice League." He wanted the heroes to lose faith in Superman. Pandora cover for issue 2 shown. It's fantastic. Interiors for issue 2 shown. Ray Fawkes says issue two Pandora is confronted by the Secret Society. Issue 3 cover is shown.

2:05- We see the covers to the next issue of Phantom Stranger. Now Ray says in Constantine #5 John will face off against Billy Batson/Shazam. We're seeing some interiors. Constantine is stealing Shazam's powers. Forever Evil comes out September 4th. All the villains are side-by-side. When the villains get a chance to take over the world, they don't agree with each other. Forever Evil will pit villain against villain. David Finch is doing the interiors. Sinestro and Black Adam become buddies, according to Johns. There's a big twist to this that hasn't been spoiled yet. Tie-ins in October coming Forever Evil: Arkham War by Peter Tomasi. A.R.G.U.S. is also a tie-in, and finally, Rogues Rebellion on October 16th. Discussing Superman from JL 22. Wonder Woman believes the cause of Superman's rage was because of the box, and Batman believe it's scientific.

2:10- Jeff Lemire says they wanted a lot more characters to appear in this. Swamp Thing and Dr Fate will make brief appearances. Johns says Vibe "nobody's favorite hero" is a key component to this event. Onto Justice League Dark 22, on sale July 24th. Jeff says they don't really belong in this world but they keep getting sucked in. His favorite part was to keep having to depower Zatanna. She'll really let loose in Trinity War. The interiors are fantastic. Ray says Deadman may seem this as his chance to be a real hero.

2:15- Jeff says the tension between Zatanna and John comes to a head in here. Geoff says there will be big reveals and a lot of stories wrap up here. "We're really going to take it to the next level." Now, it's Q&A time. What's up with the Question? Geoff explains who the Trinity of Sin are. The Question doesn't know who he is. Sometimes things pop in his head and he has to solve them. Right now, this question is so powerful and strong, that he thinks if he answers it, he'll find out his identity. There are plans for him in the future.

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2:20- Deathstroke? Geoff says he'll be in Forever Evil and ARGUS, Matt Kindt is writing that. What's Nightwing's involvement? Jeff says Wally West becomes Nightwing. Laughs a plenty. Geoff says read it. Will we see characters from cancelled book in this? Geoff says Firestorm is in it. Ray Fawkes says Pandora and the idea of rebooting the universe will be in the series eventually. Geoff says we'll find out what's up with the box. Booster Gold plans? Geoff says they love him but there's not much, except in Forever Evil #1.

2:25- Where's Joker with Forever Evil? Geoff says Joker is mentioned in the first issue but we'll find out more later. Earth-2 and Dr Fate is mentioned... What's up with that? Brian Cunningham says we'll find out more about that in Justice League Dark #23.

2:35- Is all this leading to another event? Geoff says that Forever Evil is going to be the big one. Martian Manhunter question. Jeff Lemire says he has huge plans for him next year. How does Green Lantern work in the Trinity War? Geoff says the only GL involved is Simon Baz. "OA doesn't care about what's happening on Earth. However, Hal will be back in Justice League." There will be no other colored lanterns in Trinity War. Jeff makes mention that another color lantern may appear in one of his books. Panel over... bye bye