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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo discuss their latest story surrounding The Dark Knight!

What would San Diego Comic-Con be without a Batman panel? This morning, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki and Mike Marts took to the stage in Room 6DE to chat about Batman's latest big story, Zero Year.

  • Snyder says Year One is a masterpiece and one of his favorite pieces of literature. Says Year One exists as the perfect masterpiece and didn't want to touch it. Wanted to deliver something new and personal instead. "Here's the origin the best way we can tell it."
  • Says the Red Hood gang represents the fears New York faces today instead of the ones they faced during Year One's era.
  • Scott says he wants to address why Batman loves Gotham despite his parents dying there. Says he loves it because he can go there and be anybody he wants to be -- he goes there to become the hero he wanted to be. "Gotham tests you like no other city. He loves it because it's the greatest antagonist in the world."
  • Says Batman's mastery of so many things inspires others to reach their goals -- he's a symbol of inspiration.
  • "You come to a book that's gloomy and horrifying all the time because it creates the greatest heroes."
  • Scott thanks to the audience numerous times -- says we're their Gotham and is super humble.
  • Scott says he tries to be subtle with the symbolism in most stories, but with this one he really wanted to take the base notes that's beneath the surface and put them on top.
  • The idea behind using Riddler is to have a character who can see what's coming and force Batman to catch up and step up. Otherwise, the city's gone. Says he knew Riddler was the villain he wanted to use from the beginning.
  • Jokes that Riddler isn't used often because riddles are very hard to write.
  • Revealed Scott will put his own take on Bruce falling as a kid and the bat coming through the window. Implies opinions will be obviously be divided and Capullo says, "you'll love it!"
  • Capullo says this isn't Year One -- needs to be judged on its own merits.
  • Capullo says this version is not bleak -- it's young and energetic.
  • Capullo equated the bright coloring to a light show that'll blow your hair off.
  • Capullo says everything he reads from Snyder is fantastic stuff. Says we haven't seen the best of Scott yet. Claims Zero Year is a very, very important story and Scott is super careful about everything he's putting into it. Says by the time they hit the last issue we'll see a new Scott Snyder emerge and we'll be amazed -- it'll be a meteoric rise.
  • Capullo says it should spark passion and is confident a majority will dig it. Says we haven't seen the best of Danny Miki yet.
  • Capullo states illustrating a younger, wilder Bruce is nothing but a fun ride. Says there's lots of great violence. Jokes that "the only thing missing is some sex, but they'll get there eventually." Snyder jokes that Gotham is Bruce's true love.
  • Teases that seeing Bruce in the cowl and the Batmobile will be a great moment.
  • "We've got a Batmobile that is totally different than any other Batmobile." Says it'll be nothing like all of the other stuff we've seen.
  • Snyder says this is Batman like we've never seen him. Wants us to open it and say, "I've never seen Batman like that. That is badass."

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  • The cover for 23 (seen above) is to tease Batman putting on the suit.
  • Snyder says their colorist is the unsung hero, says he's an essential part of the team.
  • Revealed a page of 23. Shows Bruce's dad looking down the hole he fell in and another panel is a close up of a lock on a gate. There's a trail of blood behind the panels on the page.
  • Next page shows Bruce shielding himself from an explosion -- gorgeous coloring -- and a hand helping him up.
  • Following page reveals it's the Red Hood Gang helping him up. Bruce spits directly on his helmet.
  • Next page jumps between Bruce getting beat up and the lock previously seen being smashed open with a rock. 9 panels in total concluding with the lock breaking and a vivid panel of Bruce's blood flying.
  • Shows another page of Bruce battered and reflecting in the house, down in the dumps after a failure. Clearly leads to the famous bat moment.
  • Teased a cover of Batman's mask. The brow is more prominent and aims downward (connected in the middle to look like a bat). Creates a more intimidating and angry looking eye holes.
  • The cover to 25 is the same as 21, but everything is instead black. "Faith forms in the dark." The cover to 28 will be green.
  • Fan asks if Superman will make a guest appearance. Snyder says not in this story but maybe in the future.
  • Fan asks when Joker gets his face back. Snyder says he doesn't want to say and it would ruin the fun.
  • Snyder says the conclusion of 'Death of the Family' will come back in a big way. Was thinking big picture in the finale, not what would happen in the following issues of the event.
  • Fan asks if Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown will appear. Scott jokes that's above his pay grade. Says no one wants to use those characters more than he does.
  • Fan asks if there will be a next Robin. Snyder they all talk about it and we'll have to wait and see about it. Says he didn't design Harper Row to be Robin, but instead to provide a strong female character and a view of what it's like to be poor in Gotham.
  • Snyder says after Zero Year, he really wants to get back into detective material with Batman.
  • Fan says he loved Hush and asks if there are any plans for him. Snyder says there are plans for him in the bat mythology.