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SDCC 2013: Batman: Arkham Origins Panel

A new villain is revealed and more! Read on to find out who will appear in the upcoming game!

The moment I've been waiting for: the Batman: Arkham Origins panel! Sadly, we didn't see any actual gameplay, but we were treated to an extended look at a cut scene which showcases a brand new villain. Fear not, the video is provided below, too! Also, two new skins are announced!

  • So who's the new assassin? Copperhead, except the villain has undergone a total redesign (for the better). For one, the foe is now female! The panel said she was selected because the concept of having a character who lurks in the shadows and focuses on agility was a unique threat to Batman. Check out the video below to see Copperhead attack the Caped Crusader.

  • You noticed the poisonous claws, right? Well, when the panel was later asked about the abstract levels in Arkham's history (Scarecrow's, for example), they said they will absolutely have some of those. Based on that, it seems safe to assume Copperhead's poison could generate one of these.
  • Geoff Johns says the new take on the villain has inspired DC to utilize the character over in the world of comics. I believe he said we can expect the character to appear after the game's release.
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will feature "a lot" of characters who aren't in the console game.
  • Deathstroke is playable for challenges. Based on that statement, it seems like he'll be limited to challenges like Nightwing or Tim Drake in Arkham City. I was hoping he could be used kind of like Catwoman in Arkham City, but I'll take what I can get.
  • New skin revealed: Batman One Million. It sounded like it'll be DLC for all platforms.
  • Another skin revealed was "Worst Nightmare Batman." It makes Batman much more haunting and with glowing eyes. This can be unlocked if you're a completionist and get all of the achievements/trophies.
  • They'll reveal more skins in due time.
  • When asked about Robin/Batgirl: Robin does not exist -- Batman works alone. This is "Year Two" of his career. As for Batgirl..."we'll have to see the game to find out more."
  • "Will we see a Batman Beyond Game?" Johns says "we talk about everything."
  • Deathstroke is generally "one step ahead of all the other assassins."
  • Expect Deathstroke Easter Eggs which would "add up to something in the game."
  • Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker say they'd absolutely continue voicing their respective characters.