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SDCC 2012: DC Comics: Superman Panel

What big new things are in the future for the Man of Steel?

We'll be getting started very soon!

11:20AM: John Cunningham intros the show, mentions the We Can Be Heroes Campaign. DC matches all contributions 100%. First person to come up is artists Shane Davis. He's wearing a Superman shirt! Scott Lobdell walks on up. Mike Johnson from Supergirl comes up. Editor Matt Idelson comes back. Superman Earth One Volume Two cover on the screen. Shane says it starts off with Clark being very proud of himself for breaking the Superman news. You won't see the coast and the hoodie from Volume One. Clark is goofy and trying to fit into the Clark Kent persona. Parasite is introduced. There's a very fluid connection between one and two. Clark has a new love interest. A lot of cool fights with Parasite. Parasites powers are upped here. We see a page of him drinking from a slurpee machine.

11:25: The art looks great here, which is by Shane Davis. Hopefully, you'll see it if my phone can upload the pics. Shane says there's a lot more action in volume two. Superman does know how to fight here. He just throws wild punches. Shane wants this to be violent. Shane really wants Superman to eye gouge someone. It won't happen. It will be out the first week of November. It will be around 125 page long.

11:30: Cover to Superman 0, which Scott takes over as writer. The book takes place on Krypton. Internet connection sucks. It will focus on Jor-El as a parent and a husband. Issue 13 starts Lobdell's run on the book. Scott says he spent a lot of time about redoing characters geared towards the new 52. He says the new 52 Superman book has been only about new characters, and he wants to bring in old characters re-imagined. Thank you.

11:35: Scott talks about how people on the internet call him a "yes man." His reply is they have no idea how much he annoys everyone at DC. Tom Defalco takes over on Superboy. The zero issue, which Scott is on, deals a bit with cloning and why it's a horrible concept for those from Krypton. Clones on Krypton became war mongers and Kara views Superboy, a clone, as a cockroach.

11:40: We see the cover to issue 13 of Superboy. Scott says Superboy isn't about truth, justice, and the American way. He sees a bank and thinks to himself "oh, I need money." For people who like to see Superboy get beat up, this is for you.

Action Comics #13
Action Comics #13

11:45: Action Comics 0 cover. Looks really nice. No Grant Morrison here to explain it all though. There's info on Jimmy Olsen in this and his past. Action 13 cover, it deals with what happened to Krypto. In issue 13, it will not be 5 years in the past. It takes place in current day. Cover to issue 6 of Smallville digital has Batman and Superman on the cover. Supergirl 0 issue on the cover. Mike says we'll see everything that happens of her leaving Krypton. You're going to see her relationship with her father and how it differs from her father. Issue 13 cover in October. Kara tries to build a piece of Krypton on Earth for herself, like a fortress of Solitude.

11:50: Question time. How much influence will World of Krypton from 86 have on these books. They says none really. They want to make Krypton feel alien. Why isn't Stephanie Brown isn't in the new 52? They say they don't know about anything like that.

11:55: Stan Lee said at a panel that Stan Lee says Superman has no visible means of flying, what is their response? No real answer because there doesn't have to be one. Mr Myxytzskl (spell check) asks about other villains. Shane Davis says they needs to be a flying goat. He gets an Owl mask for having an adorable hat. Scott Lobdell complains that it's a Batman related item. He's been the most entertaining part of this panel by far. Question: Will Superboy get a costume? Scott proposed a new costume design and he will get a new costume. Scott says no one wears the same clothes everyday. There will be new looks for the character.

12:00: Will Shazam have a big brawl? Scott says when he sees them fight, he sees Superman beating up a 12 year old boy. Is there anything in new 52 we'll be getting rid of powerwise? Scott says no. Idelson says there's nothing specific. Scott says this is going to be the book where people say "this is the job for Superman." It's going to be big fights. Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Eradicator? Steel will come back. Eradicator is a concept they've talked about, but a version no one has thought about according to Idelson. The guy next to me is sleeping.

12:05: Non-spoiler glimpse into Luthor in the future of the Supe-books. Shane Davis says I have no plans for the Luthors. Yes... plural. Scott says his introduction of Luthor has caused anxiety in the halls of DC. It's something big.

12:10: Why get rid of the shorts? Idelson says they weren't afraid to change anything. Scott says "The New 52. We're not afraid to change underwear." Scott says he's probably wearing them under the suit. Is Lobo going to be in anything and Superman's race with the Flash? Scott says no plans for Lobo and he finds the Superman Flash race silly.

12:15: Will there be expansion on Superman Beyond? Idelson says no, not now. Final question: Superboy/Superman? Superman will be disturbed that someone got a hold of his DNA says Scott. Superboy doesn't care about the S on his chest. Lack of respect for it all.

Panel done! See you in like 15 minutes for more panel madness!