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SDCC 2011: DC Green Lantern Panel Liveblog

Saturday kicks off with a Green Lantern panel!

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Should be a big panel! I'm sitting right next to Red Robin and his giant stick for this one, so if Red Robin is interested, you know it's going to be a great panel!

We'll be getting started any minute guys!

10:05- Eddie Berganza comes out to introduce the panel. Adam Schlagman comes out. Alan Burnett comes out. Peter Tomasi comes out. Ed Benes comes out. Geoff Johns comes out. Red Robin, who's sitting next to me, jokingly asks who he is. Now we're getting some clips from the Green Lantern show, which I missed. YAH!

10:07- I've seen the clip a couple times now, and it looks pretty darn cool. Eddie asks Geoff, "Where's Hal?" Geoff says he's gone. Geoff wants to take the book in a new direction and Sinestro is the way to do it. And we get to see him up against the Sinestro Corps. "He's not a good guy." says Geoff. "Don't let the Green suit fool you." We'll see Black Hand again with the Indigo Tribe and it's the creepiest story they've done. After that there will be a story called "The first lantern" about the first lanter which pre-dates the manhunters.

10:10- In Corps, Peter says the first issue will feature Guy and John against a smaller threat which turns out to be much bigger than they think and there will be an attack on many planets. They're showing panels from the first issue on the screen. I'm very excited for this run... and all Green Lantern runs.

== TEASER ==

10:15- New Guardians... Geoff makes the joke "We're announcing the Brown Lantern Corps." It will answer the question what's with all the lantern corps and it is led by Kyle Rayner. There's some weird things going on that will lead to how Kyle originally got the ring. Every Corps wants Kyle as their torchbearer. Red Lantern time! Ed Benes is here with his interpreter. Ed likes working with all the characters and the fact that's it's all action. The art is on the big screen. Looks awesome. Atrocitus is his favorite character. Red Robin, sitting next to me, told me he love Dex-Star. Flashpoint Abin Sur is now focused on. However, there is no new info. It was all covered during the Flashpoint panel.

10:17- Green Lantern Emerald Knights time... which came out a couple months ago. Alan Burnett discusses the project and the stories within the film. "It was crazy putting together" says Burnett. Geoff and Alan are working on a secret project together, related to Green Lantern. They can't give any info away.

10:20- Question time already! Q: How long has it been since Hal has seen his gf? A: Geoff says Hal in issue #1 isn't doing good on Earth. "You'll see Hal trying to do without the ring." Q: Anymore Black Ops GL stories? A: No... Geoff says "Never say never" but it doesn't sound promising. Q: To Benes: What new visual style will you bring to the Red Lantern series? A: Johns says that the Dex-Star Valentine's Day special will happen... back to Benes. He's still adpating his visual style to the book so he's not sure yet. He's adapting and trying to be more consistent. It smells like skunk in here.

10:25- Lots of really weird questions. Not so many news worthy ones. Q: Can I give Geoff something I made him? (Hope it's not a bomb) A: It's an Aquaman bracelet. And he will wear it. Q: Are the entities pissed off for being used? A: Johns says the Butcher is mad. The entities are in Peter Tomasi's book. Q: Will the Justice League have a Green Lantern when it gets up to current time? A: Yes. Q: Will we see a Cryb mother's day special? A: Johns says yes... no... yes. We will find out where Mogo's ring goes soon. Q: Will we see Sintestro's secret origin? A: It will be a wait, but it will happen.

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10:35- There will be some Secrets of Oa information in the upcoming months. SECRETS! Q: A man hold his baby up and presents it for a Black Poker chip. Which lantern corps would you be? A: Eddie says Green. Johns says Green or Orange. Benes says Green. Alan says Green or Blue. Peter says red and "go really crazy ape shit, then put the blue one on a chill for a while." Adam says green or white. Q: Continuity question. A: Old continuity is still around. It's been asked a lot this weekend. Q: Saint Walker is asking a question. Who was the creative decision maker on New Guardians? A: Johns says the cover isn't a representation of it. Q: Is there an entity inside Black Hand? A: Yes, and we'll get more into that soon.

10:45- Good questions on this panel. Ignore my earlier comment. Q: Larfleeze mini-series? A: Johns says they've talked about doing one soon. Q: Who's the number two lantern? A: No answer. Q: Will the Red Lantern Corps be more nomads or work as a team? A: They will have a point, a violent point.

10:55- Q: What did Johns think about the GL film? A: He loves the fact people knows who Green Lantern is. Kilowog looked cool. Mark Strong was awesome. Q: Now that you've made Hal a bum, will he hit the road with Ollie? A: Johns says "No because he doesn't have a car." Q: More Lobo? A: Tony was going to explore that, and Eddie says there's something up with that in the future. Q: How many more planets is John Stewart going to kill? A: He's only killed two. Bob says if you kill two planets, that labels you a planet killer. Q: Is there an end date for John's ideas? A: Johns says he has 2-3 years more of ideas and we'll see where it goes from there. Q: Sodom Yet? A: No, not in the immediate future says Tomasi. Q: Star Sapphires? A: They'll be in the New Guardians. Q: Aquaman movie? A: Johns says no then "We're ending the Green Lantern panel on Aquaman?"

Awesome! Be back very soon with another New 52 panel!