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Scott Snyder Teases new Bat-Character

Who is this new character and what will she mean for Batman?

Another reason you have to love Twitter is sometimes creators will send out teases for their books. Scott Snyder just teased a new character appearing in BATMAN #28 (26 is on sale this week).

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The only thing listed was:

tease from the new BATMAN #28 by Arkham escapee Dustin Nguyen

At first I read that as the character was an Arkham escapee but it could be that Scott is referring to Dustin as the escapee. You have to admit the blue is a little reminiscent to Nightwing's original look. Of course anyone can have purple hair if they really wanted it but we are reminded of Harper Row, who has been trying to do more in Batman's world. Could this be her new look? The big old gun makes that a little questionable. We'll have to wait and see.

What do you think?

You can read what Scott has to say about Zero Year and a special surprise coming half way through HERE.


To make it clear, click the link above to read what Scott has to say about BATMAN #28. Basically, Scott wanted to expand the issue a little to give it more room and not have it feel crammed. In order to be fair to Greg Capullo, he thought having an issue instead show the future of BATMAN for #28 would be nice to give Greg more time.

Then I started thinking about all the crazy plans we have in BATMAN, and in BATMAN ETERNAL (the weekly), for Gotham of 2014, and I figured: what if, as a thank you to you guys for all the support, we took a month off from ZY right at the halfway point, and instead did a special issue that showed you what's coming up in the world of Batman AFTER ZY? Not an issue that cuts to the present, but one that actually shows you a glimpse of the FUTURE of Batman - Gotham circa summer 2014?

So I got to talking with the other Gotham writers, and we agreed that with all the crazy stuff that's going to happen in 2014 - and my goal above all in 2014 is to keep things daring and fun - it'd be a thrill to do a total spoiler issue. A stand-alone issue that takes place in the near future and reveals all sorts of massive surprises coming to Gotham in the spring and summer of 2014.

After getting the ok from editorial on the issue, I approached pal Dustin Nguyen about drawing it, told him the crazy stuff in it, and he signed on, to my immense gratitude.