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Scott Snyder Really Hates Horses -- Maybe

As the latest "Death of the Family" issue went on sale, the truth about how Scott Snyder feels about horses is revealed.

There's been a lot of praise over the latest issue of BATMAN. And not just from Comic Vine. Death of the Family is continuing like a runaway train. In our five-star review, one of the "bad" things about the issue was the following:

Batman punches a horse. But maybe he did it with such precision and in just the right spot as to not injure it.

Here is the scene in question:

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Animal cruelty is not a funny thing. Yet Scott Snyder took this opportunity to display some. As I mentioned in the review, perhaps Batman is just such a skilled fighter, the punch merely stunned the horse instead of injuring it. He did ride upon the horse through Arkham Asylum immediately afterwards.

But that wasn't the only bit of horse cruelty in the issue.

Later, while riding the horse, Batman comes up against Mr. Freeze. Freeze...freezes the horse and shatters it, resulting in the horses death.

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If THAT wasn't enough, the writer took his hatred of horses even further. As caught by this Tumblr post, Snyder actually went to and wrote a review for this shirt:

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What does all this mean? Does Scott Snyder really hate horses or is this just a joke? We tried getting a reply from Scott but have yet to receive a response.