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Scott Snyder Prepares You for the Batman Event: "Night of the Owls"

Batman has barely survived his first encounter with the Court of Owls. Will he be ready for this crossover?

It seems like it's only been building since the "New 52" started but BATMAN writer has been showing us that the Court of Owls has been scheming for decades.

Beginning this week in BATMAN #8 and NIGHTWING #8, Night of the Owls begins. This isn't just an ordinary Batman story. It's so big, it will be crossing over into the other Bat-Family titles. Batman didn't do too well after his first encounter. This week's issue has an interesting cover.

Over at DC's blog, Snyder was quoted as saying, "Night of the Owls is here, and it's about time."

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This is the moment the writers have been waiting for and this is the moment the Court has been to make their move. Covers are sometimes deceiving but if you read BATMAN #7 (and shame on you if you haven't), you know the Court has unleashed several Talons out upon Gotham. Batman had a helluva time against one. He's barely had time to recover and now it looks like he'll be facing a lot more.

Snyder also points out another way time plays into all this. The Talons are all from different era.

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Speaking of Talons from a different era. The cat was let out of the bag concerning the Talon we've been seeing in the pages of BATMAN and his connection to Dick Grayson.

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This week's issue #8 of NIGHTWING will deal with Dick trying to save one of the Court's targets plus will reveal the untold story of William Cobb.

If you haven't been reading the Batman titles, you need to rectify that and get ready for this huge comic event.