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Scott Snyder on New BATMAN Character, Harper Row [Minor Spoiler]

Minor spoiler, there's a new character appearing in BATMAN #7. Who is she and what's her connection to the Bat-Universe?

If you've been reading Scott Snyder's BATMAN run you know you can't and shouldn't take anything for granted. If you've read and re-read past issues, you know we're constantly seeing big clues right out in the open. After reading the later issues, you practically kick yourself for not having noticed it earlier.

Batman has recently undergone a helluva ordeal against Talon and the Court of Owls. With today's issue #7 (you can read the review here), a new character appears.

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Who the heck is Harper? From these panels, you get the impression that they have some sort of history already. Rather than sit around and speculate who she might be, we went straight to Scott to get some answers:

Harper Row is her name and she's a character I've been thinking about for some time. I don't want to give too much away, but you'll be seeing more of her in Gotham soon - she has an important role to play in upcoming stories.

The way things leave off and based on what Scott says, this won't be the last we see of her. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled to see where she turns up next.

If you didn't already have a reason to pick up BATMAN #7 today, this should give you one.